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Mad93 your a f*****g idiot
No i think the point here is he should never comment on footytube again,shearer is one of the best pundits to watch,hes not afraid to speak his mind and knows w...
Why the f**k are ye on about dropping Rooney? He had one bad game.For me he has been sensational this season playing behind Van Persie,usually his passing and w...
O are the Man City fans back.Ye went very quite on here when we beat your team a few weeks ago,hello again,nice to see you,welcome back.
Are you a fake Man Utd fan or are you some idiot that doesnt watch any game only highlights? Valencia has been one of our best players this season and has a goo...
Nope,imaginsolo,i cant cope with how sweaty everyone plays the game,and the game plays terribile as well.Even big youtubers that post fifa gameplay have stopped...
Chelsea!nothing else needs to be said.Then goes on to write two more comments,well done
Ha yeah man,got fifa 13 but i hated it,worst football game ive ever played.Gone back to fifa 12 now :)
CDM???? Your not playing ultimate team now mate haha.
Watching liverpool play tis season is painful,without suarez they would without a doubt be in the bottom three,liverpool fans better pray to god he never gets i...
Did you even watch the game or just the highlights,enrique played a blinder of a game,he was the only player for me that had a great game for liverpool,suarez h...
What an idiotic comment,im a man utd fan an can safley say balotelli is anything but useless,he is a gifted player and will be amazing as the years go on
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