Toliveischrist wants to tell you about Jesus!!!
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Hey Luke sry but I wont be at practice tues
8 years ago
Hey luke... r u playin rvhr???
I love how i have a comment on ur wall from 9months ago from my old :)
Hey Luke only one of the clone troopervids would work sry:(
Did you say i was angry????
Hey lucas
Ha ha ?!?AWKWARD?!? :)
New fav team....nice
9 years ago
Yo, what up bro?!?!?!? I miss my future room-mate. :( i hope we can catch eachother on here sometime :D tell everyone @ church i said HI! :D catch u later b...
I'm glad you people are at least arguing it out with me. Thank you.
To answer back to StrikersMT28, the Bible has been proven right constantly.
Is Ronaldo94 under your friend list?
Because your greek or cause you follow Greek Orthodox?
StrikersMt28, do you believe in Rastafari?
Rastafari denies the love of all people. Isn't that racist?
We are not talking about creation Todieisgain. We are talking about the afta life.
The signs are partially in man's gut feeling. Read this whole page if honestly interested.
Yes it is The Truth. Did you know the Bible has never been proven false and some religious documents (the Koran for example) reference the Bible as a good book?
Then why does man always make movies and myths and legends about the end? Man has a gut idea about an afterlife. Think about. Is your heart hardened to my quest...
People always say, "Jesus ain't coming back." Well, hear this. The Bible says that the Lord will come as a thief in the night, at an hour when the world is not ...
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