Todieisgain Scored a HT, and won his game...6-3 :D
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2 cool votes cause your a fan of United:D
6 years ago
WOW!!! all i can say is that was AMAZING play by ronaldo...WOOT WOOT Viva Ronaldo
7 years ago
STEPHAN... Your newest friend, is ben's, elijah's, and my rival!!!! seriously?!?! lol i love you driving, DOUGHNUT!!!!! LUV YA c u @ the wrk day!
No no no... he's obviously not driveing!!! he has the best skills ever... donut!!! LOL
8 years ago
Shouldn't u be paying attention to the road and not ur camera in ur profile pic? lol.
Love ur profile pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv ur driveing!!!lol donut!
Dude! They changed the I'm thing so you have to have one of the specifics that they list or you can't talk to anybody.... Now I can't talk to anyone on here. w...
How does lil Blake sound?
Ur profile picture is so not u!!!my mom says change it... she called u a dork!!! lol
U did not bench 80...nice try though
Beef E. Steak calling Splenda....... come in Splenda.....
Hey steph check out the vid on my wall
Yesterday waz awesome......... :D
Cant wait to chrush the titans F50+T90+Mercurial Veloci oooooooooooo ya
Heck ya...the titans are going to saw the power of the F50 + T90, the beauty of the stepover, and 40yrd shots....WHAT NOW....I PITY THE FOOLS THAT MESS WITH THE...
At the workday of saw me there...yup i'll def be at the game
U look soooooooooo tired in ur profile pic. poor thing. u must be so worn out from that work-day.
STEPHAN!!! why weren't u at practice yesterday?!?! u better be at ur game on friday... ur team is gonna pummel them!
U neeeeeeeeeed to change ur pic.
Dude angry...... obviously whoever clicked on that doesn't know you. lol
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