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High point of the season so far for sure. Well done TFC for finally getting the monkey off our back. If they stick to Winter's plan, theyre going to start do...
6 years ago
I'm sure that was one of the worst individual performances of the MLS season by Ty Harden. Not to make excuses from this latest example of TFC at their most emb...
We're not really going to do anything this season, which is natural, since we're rebuilding. But we should at least make things respectable and show signs of a ...
Being outplayed for 40 minutes while up a man isnt exactly something to be proud of, but I've had enough of the moral draws and losses. I want to see this team ...
There's some talent in this country, as this game showed. Obviously England has better individual players than Canada, but we were the far more cohesive unit, a...
Yes, our keepers are utter garbage and cost us dearly in this tournament. Yes, we didnt have the chance to beat up on the Cubas and the Grenadas and thats why w...
ALAN! f*****g! GORDON!
Probably the worst performance in TFC history...and there have been a lot of times when this team dont seem good enough to play in the 10th tier of English foot...
7 years ago
Best. Euro. Ever.
That was painful to watch. One of the worst performances in TFC history surely against a disgraceful team that anyone could and should beat. The ref really let ...
Doubt we can make the playoffs after this. I dont care how well we do in ther champs league, our main goal should be making the playoffs for once, and its not w...
Weird of the best performances in TFC in the first half when we could have been three or four goals ahead and then in the second Frei has to save us ...
Cant wait to see how Mista does this season
Ah Rogers TV...nothing but a bunch of amateurs who will never get a real job in television As for the game, great showing. TFC academy boys are looking good,...
Can we please get rid of Uselessnov?
Though not as ridiculous as the Lampard disallowed goal, you have to say another awful call was made here: as we all know, Tevez was offside for the first goal....
The average chipmunk would do a better job running FIFA then Sepp Blatter. His quote at the end of the video is hilarious: "At the end of the day, a decision wi...
How embarassing that a world cup game is half-empty. So what if it's raining? Ridiculous...
Such a shame this team got stuck in the group of death African team by far IMHO, quality at every position, quality in the team overall.
Feel bad for Cameroon, and especially Etoo...what a player. One of the best matches of a disappointing tournament so far
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