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Liverpool only managed to win due to a wrongful red card decision. They truly are in horrible form.
8 years ago
Blatant dive by Torres there. No class.
Could have...? You can say that for anything. Almost scoring isn't scoring. Scoring is scoring.
I'd personally choose France because I think I'd have more chance at winning the World Cup. But hey I'm not him so who knows ;-).
Barnsley beating Liverpool 2-1 in the second round of the 2008 FA Cup and then beating Chelsea 1-0 in the third round was a HUGE giant-killing moment.
2002 world cup was quite controversial in regards to the refereeing against the italians.
Oh no! I didn't mean to be condescending, I was just trying to stimulate the argument :-) I'm sorry if I offended you.
Torres only scored 2 more goals than Rooney last season. Rooney is world class, I'll start believing you when you actually come up with some facts to back u...
Futbol22---The reason Vidic (and Ferdinand) are so highly rated is that the Center Backs are crucial to a defense, and Manchester United had something like 14 s...
I could definitely provide an article a week, and I think I meet the requirements in terms of grammar, and being articulate. Give me a shout if your interested ...
Biased, and rude! Brilliant!
Quite frankly your just being harsh, and biased. Wayne Rooney is a brilliant striker, it can't even be debated, it's fact. As ballinout pointed out he scored 20...
David Villa has been quoted saying, "I had the desire to remain here and I want to spend all my sporting career here." I give the man respect for being loyal to...
How are we defining over-rated? I'm not seeing how Vidic is over-rated but maybe I'm just clueless.
Actually it's around $500 ;-).
Http:// My personal favorite.
Cristiano Ronaldo the £80m man has yet to show the same spark he showed at Old Trafford. He's had 2 opportunities and has yet to impress. This leads me to two ...
I can explain it. Look at the starting roster for USA. Any recognizable names? I didn't think so. They didn't field the same squad that played in the Confederat...
Funny how Celtic beat tottenham...with our second string. Better luck next time, with the predictions ;-).
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