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Only problem with Adebayor is his wages. He's on 200K+ a week, at spurs the MAX he can expect is around 80K.
6 years ago
Someone needs to come up with a BAE song, Benoit's Shoes and (Hair)dos.
The first time he did the heart (as far as I know) was when he scored against Arsenal and Chelsea in the same week, it's now his signature celebration. Love the...
Between this and Fulham away, i think we've abused lady luck to the point that she won't be around anymore.
Maybe not at city but i think the formation might work well with the pace and attack at fullback.
Of course, anyone would put Adebayor in there against defoe, but Ade can't play because he's a city player. Any other game against, say ManU, Ade would be in th...
We know that Redknapp liked to play the wing-backs at Portsmouth... can anyone else see him playing them at City? If so... ----------Friedel---------- --Dawson...
Out of the title race where it belongs.
I have 2 points to make. 1. Adebayor's goal wasnt offside 2. f**k john terry. It just isnt fair.
What's up with all the s**t highlights?
I gave you two cools.
We're not hoping that he gets hurt, we just hope that Arsenal play terribly. If that involves RVP then so be it.
Don't care if Modric was terrible, he saved the goal that would have made it 2-2.
Somewhere on FootyTube
It was Walker's run! For christ's sake, try and get it right.
Aww, is the wittle awsenal fan mad? its OK, at least you scored. And yes. Stronger side.
Remember when Arsenal's squad was better than ours? Yeah.
Adebayor you cheeky bastard.
What a fantastic save by Larsson!
4-3-1-2 defoe and adebayor up front, VDV in the hole, and depending on what kind of game we're in either Sandro, Modric, or Huddlestone in the middle.
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