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That sterling run, at the end of the game, damn! suarez always a stud. liverpool were unlucky, but that's the game. great derby
5 years ago
That photo is seriously sexy
7 years ago
First off love how man u fans have to post on a liverpool comment board...must be pissin their pants cause we all know last yr was a fluke for liverpool....seco...
Hi how ya doin
8 years ago
The Arsenal players do overreact. Right away Shawcross knows he f**ked up n you can tell right away he feels absolutely horrible about it. There is no reason ...
Stupid gerrard loves liverpool too much to leave let alone go to ManU...n from what i've been hearing ManU isn't in the greatest financial situation anyways, in...
It would've be interesting to see if rafa tucked him into the spot behind torres this weekend against burnley....i think he could have done some damage...def no...
I like rooney but really he did an oscar winning performance to win that penalty....still not convinced it was a penalty anyways but o well
Yombe10 you dumbass
Gerrards turn was just ridiculous worldclass move...johnson had one hell of a game as seeing this new dimension to liverpools attack
Sunderland looks explosive...bent is looking great
Love how davies first touch is coming along...he had another great one this game with is first goal...but the one he had against mexico was outstanding
Villa would be awesome but i just dont see it happening but i would like to see if rafa swoops in for chamakh...hes very cheep and did some good things for bord...
I know the jv squads were out there but idk i think the US team was a little bit more of a b squad type team or even guys did have both your best p...
I agree villa was a shot in the was never gonna happen valencia wont let anyone scoop him up...but i would love to see more signings silva would be aw...
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