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And what do you think Jesus in Spanish means? Also, when did EdtheFan pronounce it his name? He just wrote it.
6 years ago
No he played as a center defensive mid. He generally plays as a center back for Barca.
Did you watch the Chelsea Barca games? They were the most boring games I have ever watched. Bayern is much more entertaining than Chelsea.
Really? I find the Bayern team very attack oriented and entertaining to watch. It was Chelsea who played in maybe the 2 most boring games of the champions leagu...
Most boring game ever.
And here will come all of the ref conspiracy theories. I wish it was a yellow so people would stop bitching about the refs.
I have no idea what game you watched.
Man if the refs really decide these games as much as people say then why watch? I dont think games are decided by the refs but I do know if I thought that the r...
I would have liked to see Lamela out there to see what kind of chemistry and creativity he could bring the squad.
No. He and Pastore werent called for this friendly.
To be fair, I am not sure Messi could even see the goalie over the wall. The ref gave him the nod, might as well shoot.
Thick air at a higher elevation? You should check out what air actually does at higher elevations. Hint: it doesnt get thicker.
You realize it should be Puyol > Pepe right? Otherwise you are saying pepe is greater than puyol. But I am pretty sure you want to say Puyol is greater than Pep...
Have you ever watched an argentina game? Messi produces just fine with Argentina. He just plays a different role. He is more of a playmaker. In the Copa America...
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