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Thanks BBC Sport.
Serves the Schalke player right for getting injured, you play on a sh*t pitch! Why on earth does play have to stop because of it?! Absolute joke from the refere...
I'm sorry but EVERY single clip in this vid shows a player slipping over on the pitch. Did it rain at all? Because it certainly doesn't look like it has. In tha...
Well it looks like we have to do it all over again just like after our QPR loss. I'm sure the boys will bounce back against Chelsea - there really is no excuse ...
6 years ago
Yer fat chance of 3rd champ.
I haven't seen Barca's penalties yet but from what I'm reading the 2nd one seems to have been a joke of a decision.
You're right. Assault is a regular occurance during corners so it is about time that referees be brave and reward correct penalties. I am sick and tired of idio...
Keyword for you there: yesterday. What has he been all season? Nothing. I'd take 30 year old Rosicky over him any day in this season.
Haha how embarrassing United were absolutely dominated cop that! - great performance from Bilbao. City slipping up too. I think all the frequency of games are c...
I can watch this over and over again - what a win. Bale is an unbelieveable diver and their first goal was a crappy deflection. A 30 year old Rosicky outplayed ...
Yeh but the thing is it was all Arsenal for 90 minutes. classic luck
Haha. good one
@wizie, are you telling me that hennessey looked comfortable saving that?? you're an idiot.
Every goal apart from the 2nd (could've easily been seen as a foul against Suarez), Suarez actually finished well for once. Maybe due to the physical transition...
Chelsea shouldn't of even had the 3rd. Terry curses, Van Persie celebrates. Too easy Gunners!!
I know :) a not long till' he's fully fit!
I am also still kind of confused as to why Park hasn't started/been utilised in games before this. His international form is formidable as you all know so it wa...
Up the sky blues!!
Did he actually say that? I'd love to know where you get your sources. Sick one. Yer but Utd don't rotate players as nearly as much as Arsenal especially with ...
Chelsea were criminal not to come away with at least a draw. Again, Utd had the referee with them but that shouldn't be news to anyone should it? Every team wil...
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