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^ you cute
1 month ago
Welcome Alex! http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=2762171118033414604052939996825499142713662172212n.jpg
It seemed unimaginable before Messi arrival but Barca has now won more titles than Real (24 since Messi's promotion in the first team) Nevertheless Real is sti...
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9M4e5OMJcHw Not a Pk. Pogba is the one pushing Alves down first. Commentators where saying the same.
Unfortunately rumours about Lucho are not ridiculous. Lucho's pride was very hurt because of what happened after the Anoeta game.
Last year he almost left us after a season where everything went wrong. It would have been very sad to see him leave the way he left la Roja. I'm Very glad he s...
^Well said. Pogba doesn't fit in Pep's barça system but will be damn good in current system.
2 months ago
He has everything to be a great midfielder. I just wish to wish to enjoy his talent for many years to come.
Doubt this will change anything. Thé whole system is corrupted. FIFA needs à reform and rebuild Sepp by Sepp.
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He has a familly to feed just like Thiago Silva :P In a more serious note, he signed for two seasons there then he will work in the Aspire Academy (the trainin...
Thanks SanchezAlexis. I thought it was pretty clear I was being sarcastic.
Meh... Messi is the one in charge since Anoeta. Credit to Luis Enrique to have accepted that.
MArio Gomez on steroids sounds pretty accurate to me :D
To be fair Jese seemed more promising than Morata last year. There was no room for both.
We will score for sure
I'm with Pejvl. I thought he tried more stuffs this game but still nothing compare to what he used to offer
Well done!
Lichsteiner and Evra allowed a s**t load of crosses that means we must insist on both sides.
Saison blanche à la maison blanche :D
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