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What an embarrassing performance by the referee.
7 years ago
Yo R U from Seattle??? I used to go to CWU in Ellensburg.. Montearo is the best
8 years ago
Such quality by Messi... tremendous goal and assist... Iniesta and Maxwell were also great.
Ok! Thanks for the explanation.
Wow, that didn't turn out like I typed it at all. Haha. I intended to write "usmnt" as in United States Men's National Team... hopefully my question is still ...
I noticed when I attempt to use acronyms like "U.S.M.N.T." for U.S. men's national team (except without the periods), it's automatically corrected to lowercase,...
Charlie Davies MIGHT make it back in time but he might also struggle for form if he does. I agree with you about the uselessness of the other strikers. Jozy i...
It's probably a philosophical difference as far as Dunga is concerned; he was a no-nonsense defensive midfielder during his career, and with Ronaldinho's histor...
Friedel is pure class.
I find it interesting to read the comments from mostly EPL fans saying Barcelona "finished" Henry... the only thing that is hurting Henry's performance is his a...
Agreed. Xavi is still in his prime. If we were having this conversation in 2012, things would be different...
Interesting, but do you have any evidence of this agreement? I'm genuinely curious.
Nothing wrong with Henry's performance at Barcelona. He had slight difficulties adjusting tactically in the first year, but he soon figured it out. If anythin...
It certainly is. There's no guarantee he would have a place in the starting XI at Barça -- between Xavi and Iniesta, there's no room in the midfield. (Unless...
Key players for Italy in my opinion (Buffon goes without saying): Pirlo, De Rossi, Chiellini, Camoranesi, Cannavaro. Rossi, possibly. Players I'd like to se...
To save money, maybe? We may never know.
Yeah, I don't see how a ban like this is defensible in the slightest. It's a callous political show. Considering the terrible circumstances, they should have ...
Now you can add another item to the list: can you say "John Terry sex scandal"?
I'm from Italy. That's why. :-)
Your country of choice is Italy?! What about your home soil? :P
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