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3 years ago
Timmy124 nominated David Luiz (59') for Goal of the Week
You're comparing apples to oranges. a foul like that is unnecessary and simply slows the game down, while the two penalties given were given because the referee...
4 years ago
Bit bitter buddy? both of them, by the law, are penalties. some refs will give em, some won't. if you guys could finish it'd be a different story
Sounds like you mad bro. wigan did exactly what they needed to do - hence awesome. arsenal went 2 down, couldn't pull 2 back against what up to this point in th...
F*****g yeeeeeeeeeeeeow feed the yak and he will score! still want kean out... 45% possession against sunderland - so much for playing the "good football" he wa...
Finally blackburn! i'm getting a bit nervous at the fact we need to keep scoring 3 goals to win though
Riiiiiiiiight. you've clearly never seen any of our other games this year
Shove in the back? we need the luck lol
^ if that isn't butthurt, i don't know what is
Lescott's one looked a lot more intentional than balotelli's... looked like he just lost his balance and wanted to plant his foot rather than something maliciou...
5 years ago
That's from 2011. It made us look like complete muppets lol
We'd be screwed if he was, and i think we might just be screwed anyway
YEEOW BOYS!! Still want Kean out, but for once he lined up with a 4-1-4-1 not 4-2-3-1 and it's worked wonders!!
Good blackburn! still want kean out
He's 10x better than welbeck, i have no idea why SAF persists with him
I'd say Santos is a lot better in attack, but a lot more shabby in defence
Somewhere on FootyTube
Any Chelsea supporters think playing David Luiz and Romeu as defensive midfielders is a good idea? Kinda like Mancini does with City - 4-2-3-1 with Sturridge wi...
What I'm saying is, some weeks you get lucky (ie. Everton) and this week you got unlucky - learn to live with it... unlike Mr. Dalglish who can complain till th...
Were you up in arms about the Red card at Everton? Maybe then you'd have a case. Swings n roundabouts mate.
After the match when no one is listening? If it doesn't get caught on cameras, Steve Kean still thinks it's a 1% who want him out. There's no right way to do it...
I don't remember him having many chances to score at BBurn so congrats from us too!
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