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Timmy124 nominated David Luiz (59') for Goal of the Week
You're comparing apples to oranges. a foul like that is unnecessary and simply slows the game down, while the two penalties given were given because the referee...
Bit bitter buddy? both of them, by the law, are penalties. some refs will give em, some won't. if you guys could finish it'd be a different story
Sounds like you mad bro. wigan did exactly what they needed to do - hence awesome. arsenal went 2 down, couldn't pull 2 back against what up to this point in th...
6 years ago
F*****g yeeeeeeeeeeeeow feed the yak and he will score! still want kean out... 45% possession against sunderland - so much for playing the "good football" he wa...
Finally blackburn! i'm getting a bit nervous at the fact we need to keep scoring 3 goals to win though
Riiiiiiiiight. you've clearly never seen any of our other games this year
Shove in the back? we need the luck lol
^ if that isn't butthurt, i don't know what is
Lescott's one looked a lot more intentional than balotelli's... looked like he just lost his balance and wanted to plant his foot rather than something maliciou...
That's from 2011. It made us look like complete muppets lol
We'd be screwed if he was, and i think we might just be screwed anyway
YEEOW BOYS!! Still want Kean out, but for once he lined up with a 4-1-4-1 not 4-2-3-1 and it's worked wonders!!
Good blackburn! still want kean out
He's 10x better than welbeck, i have no idea why SAF persists with him
I'd say Santos is a lot better in attack, but a lot more shabby in defence
Somewhere on FootyTube
Any Chelsea supporters think playing David Luiz and Romeu as defensive midfielders is a good idea? Kinda like Mancini does with City - 4-2-3-1 with Sturridge wi...
What I'm saying is, some weeks you get lucky (ie. Everton) and this week you got unlucky - learn to live with it... unlike Mr. Dalglish who can complain till th...
Were you up in arms about the Red card at Everton? Maybe then you'd have a case. Swings n roundabouts mate.
After the match when no one is listening? If it doesn't get caught on cameras, Steve Kean still thinks it's a 1% who want him out. There's no right way to do it...
I don't remember him having many chances to score at BBurn so congrats from us too!
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