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That will teach Neymar for choosing to go to Real Madrid instead of Chelsea. Greedy arsehole.
6 years ago
Give up. Just give up. So unfunny
7 years ago
Great goals. I love Brazilian football
You idiot Man utd fan. just showing English people up as violent scumbags. get some class
Getting funnier. Jokes at the beginning are actually funny now as they have relevance to real events.
Hey Italian... you are so wrong. Inter=boring only won last year because of Mourinho and I wouldn't be surprised if Tottenham win the group. They are good and p...
Well whoever got rid of them was an idiot and you know it. Just look at them now. They will never be playing as pretty as arsenal. hahahaha
It was going to happen sooner or later under benitez or anyone else. Their squad is just not good enough. Liverpool are the ugliest team (both physically and th...
Improvement on the first but still not funny
Good to see the rating go down to 3.2. Never go into comedy guys
Inter are such a boring team. I hate people who say it was good for the champions league not having an english team in the final last year. It was dull, that's ...
This is not funny at all, so derivative. Please don't make any more. You guys are really wasting your time. 3.8 is a very generous rating for this rubbish. I'm ...
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