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"history of the club (chelsea) very impressive" :O ohh fernando, just when i thought you couldnt piss off liverpool fans anymore...
7 years ago
I think it is one of those 'new dad' celebrations ie) the cradle, thumb sucking celebrations. i guess its meant to look like when babies are hungry they squeeze...
Bolo zeden hahahahahahaha what a goose!!!
Yes!!! theres another who wont be blowing that annoying piece of cheap plastic. f**k the vuvus
For some reason messi forgets his shooting boots for the national team, and the same goes for ronaldo with portugal. it is these players tournament so hopefully...
The vuvazela horns or whatevs please f**k OFF!! they drown out all atmosphere and sound terrible.
Well at least he is a fantastic player. some players are greedy and absolute s**t ...cough...berbatov....inzagi lol
8 years ago
The home colours will stay just the way they are. the colours are very important to the catalan people because in the spanish civil war these colours were flown...
This commentator is a right laugh. ronny's goal was sensational
Did anyone else notice the commentator was saying n****r heaps
Well you definately won't be getting the 19th or any trophy this season for that matter. the 70s and 80s have long been gone, you have to realise that liverpool...
I dont want higuain at united he misses too many chances against big teams.
It may look like he doesn't have liberty but i think this is because football in england is more open, fast and teams try to get forward as quick as possible. w...
I love united but i sorta wished becks' volley found the top corner. he probly wouldve got a cheer. fletcher worked great in the midfield
Higuain is the biggest f**k up in football. missed two of the easiest chances. but man united are through!!!!
Bendtner is a complete joke
Worst match in a long time
I dunno. you kind of have a good point but the brazilian league isnt as good as the major eupopean leagues and if players want to be condsidered 'world class' t...
Its a shame. arsenal are really unlucky. on a tactical note arsenal need to learn how to defend Delap throw ins
Haha great tactic by wayne bridge messin with terry's head before kickoff. bellamy scored the exact same goal against united this season
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