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Thienry14 wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
What does anyone know about illegal and non-consent microchipping of humans? Would you approve something like that being introduced to the football world?
"lollercoaster" I LIKE IT!
6 years ago
Three very necessary points!
Zee Zuper Captain o' Arsenal!
The result could've been worse, but at least we won. On a brighter note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIERRY HENRY!
Somewhere on FootyTube
Great to see the king as always!
Yup, or we can chat about the women's world cup, but this isn't a comedy club..
Its an honor to be part of this generation that gets to witness Leo Messi, one day I will attend a live game and see his little angelic figure in person! HAha
Robin van Persie is a world class football player. He deserves more than this.
7 years ago
Jeez. There's nothing else to say about Leo Messi
My oh my look at Drogba go! I also see a goal in El Nino's future, but seriously sometimes I wonder if Drogba's at a level JUST below Messi/Ronaldo
Great to see benzema absolutely oooozing with confidence, he's a really good player
I shiver because Arjen Robben wasn't even on display in that master class
HAHAHAHA me too homie, true goons are used to Arsenal messing up chances for greatness
We all know Wenger is a genius. We all should not be surprised Arsenal bottled again, its a trait of our defensive system. All I can say is that its high time ...
I don't care if this makes me look like a douchey spammer or some s**t, but check out this article about Mario Balotelli:
About Balotelli, I read this article and I feel compelled to let the entire soccer world read this:
Http:// Don't judge him before you know the facts. Absolutely cannot imagine what...
Calm down Marcinny, just try and analyze the good things we've seen Balotelli do. You too will see that this guy was created in a lab.
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