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Well done south hampton :D
Yes... yes it does. you're a comedic genius... YNWA = You'll never win again just as funny as your effort... d!ckhe@d
Well he's certainly over 'media-hyped', that's for sure. It's always the same when someone has a really good season. the media go feral with fanciful stories, p...
I wish i could have watched the full match. it looks like it was a good clash. liverpool get a well fought 3 points so well done to them and hopefully spurs kee...
Gareth bale is trigger happy
Yes, it was a blatant dive. if dempsey practices falling over enough, maybe one day he can be as good at diving as suarez is... but probably not.
Goodness me! i watched that 2nd goal about a thousand times lol
6 years ago
Might be too little too late but it's nice to see some of the football spurs played earler this year. well done boys nice win!
Soooooo... back to business as usual then? i thought i'd be used to the frustration by now lol. cant imagine how the payers must feel. oh well i still love y...
Said it before and i'll say it many times more.. welcome back (again) captain fantastic!!
Wow what a boring match... both teams were flat, and considering the amount of talent on the park there were few exciting moments and lots of missed chances. su...
All i can say (apart from swearing my head off) is well played gooners
I feel frustrated when i wake up hung-over to anything other than bacon and eggs ;)
I know bale is getting hit a bit harder this season, but he does roll around a bit too much. having said that, agger should have kept his mouth shut and count h...
Heheheh !
Aguero's pretty good bro
Kuyt is loving his cup football!
Kuyt was awesome! he usually is. even when he has a shocker he's still working harder and than most on the park.
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