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I really feel u guys that u have to play againt a team that tries to bore u to death by passing the ball for half an hour in their own half. not to mention the ...
6 years ago
Barcelona have to be the biggest play actors in all of history! good job on getting a draw with 10-men real. you guys defintely have a chance to win the copa de...
7 years ago
Footyfan when was the last time tottenham won the CL? oh wait...
Manu go through as expected. I must say, it was really nice seeing bayern munich knocked out in their home stadium!
Number 2? HA! keep dreaming. u will always be behind italy. that includes internationals and club level. know ure place.
Well, two weak cannon-fodder teams qualified today... i mean schalke? please, come on. i hope we get to play against them next for an easy win.
Thats right u still got 3 more to lose!
Back to reality gooners.u aint winning nothing. we are winning EPL and barca will certaintly knock u out of UCL. poor fabregas, hurry up and get out of that tea...
So Sepp Blater declared la liga the best in the world...
Stop being so rude and making hate comments about the teams that you dont like and people you dont agree with. swearing, trolling and specificly racism are not ...
Yeah just like the scottish league because they have also won the champions league 12 times just like la liga...
HAHA!!It was nice seeing BVB getting knocked off its high-horse. to all you bvb fans (gloryhunter or otherwise) you can kindly SUCK IT!!!!! HAHAHAHAH!
HAHAHAH!LOL So bitter! love it, love it, love it!! Cry more!! so much for your top spot in the bundesliga, didn't mean s**t in europa league! you guys are gonna...
This game was a perfect example of why the EPL sucks b******s. horribe passing, atrocious finishing and poor technique. An all around bore of a game. what a s**...
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