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3 years ago
Yes sorry!! Funny anyway... just killed me all the game during against cophenague^^
I think you deserve a cool vote for your picture of abramovitch
I think Europa League has a good level this year, could be exciting. For top 4, we can't wait from other teams (which are quite far) to loose, we've got to win ...
And I think he was afraid of winning nothing with us, as he is just to "the perfect age."
I think lots of people have a problem with those "modern footballers", who leave just as they came, even if they had 3 years more on their contract. And it's Li...
Somewhere on FootyTube
I think Platini is kind of different from others guys from FIFA or UEFA. And I agree with him on some points: today football IS money, and this is sick. And to...
Hey guys is the match against blackpool delayed??
That's what is magic with Liverpool! Always wake up when nobody expected that! Incredible! Thanks to Anfield and the players, it was 90 incredible minutes!!
I would like to be on the field to say "wake up NOW" to the players. Our game is really too slow, previsible, too plain...Wish some players like Cole or Gerrard...
Yes this is strange, it wasn't against Benfica
4 years ago
Yes he is...Let's believe in n'gog!
Without Benaglio, the score would have been harder for Wolfsburg!
3-0, Gerrard on penalty and Torres 2 times!
Yeah last year this goal just killed me! But Aurelio's one was better;)
Good news guys Man City lost 2 points in is draw (1-1) against Stoke tonight.
COOOME ON REDS!!!! Aquaman did a big match! Wish it will influence our come back!! And if Gerrard re-start to score like today:) (sorry for my english, Liverpoo...
Thx for the add dud,e looks like you've been here quite long get to the Liverpool Chat dude hope to see you comment, lot things to talk about bro.
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