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2 coool votes for you mate! see you around this awesome site and lets make it twenty premiership titles this season:D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 years ago
Everything about that final goal was just beautiful
Not was..... is.... have you seen him lately? he has still got it. watch the game vs santos... he is still brilliant
Everyone said that when ronaldo left... no biggie
On a possitive note for united... De Gea is looking pretty sharp..
HOLY s**t!!!!! Bayer and Roma should battle each other for a worst loss in a champions league playoff
Http:// nah this is the one he means
Probably the worst finishing ever... by both teams
Napoli have such a deadly pair up front with Levezzi and Cavani..... looks like an amzing partnership! cool to watch
I used to love Evra.... but now i believe that he believes he is in a movie where he is the lead roll.... annoys the s**t out of me because like ronaldo... they...
Great game of football!!! Leverkusen put up an amazing fight... but when you're up against the worlds best footballers it's always going to be difficult. Messi ...
That was incredible!! sexy football by spurs.... this is why i love football!
Hahaha the keeper made this video
Two HUGE saves at the end!! i love it when i see players rise up under pressure. great game all round... this is why i love football. Mata is gold for chelsea.....
Alves goal is why i love football
In volleyball they call that a spike
It annoys me when team-mates don't pump up the keepers after big goal saving saves. it's equal to scoring a goal in my opinion
I feel that what chelsea needs is a new attacking midfielder who scores goals regularly. i mean... chelsea do have moments of brilliance... but throw in someone...
The first german goal could nearly be a goal + an assist lol
They are more than just tap-ins. very rarely are they rebounds of the post or the keeper. he gets himself into positions strikers should be in and more often th...
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