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4 years ago
Themirv gave the Brazil v Mexico video a rating of 5
5 years ago
Themirv gave the Real Sociedad de Fútbol v Real Madrid video a rating of 4
Themirv thought the Real Sociedad de Fútbol v Real Madrid match was awesome
Benteke just looked unplayable. End of.
That 2nd from Taarabt was phenomenal! Great win for QPR at the moment, it must mean a lot.
Shame about the result for Lille, but at least they have a goal-of-the-week contender in Kalou's superb strike. Always a silver lining I guess :)
It may only have just clipped him, but it still CLEARLY touches Lewandowski on the way in on the 2nd goal. Should've been his goal too, but credit to Schmelzer ...
Fantastic hat-trick from Soldado! A player that is only just getting recognition on an international level, he just gets better and better with Valencia. After ...
Could have sworn they were all the same players... The goalscorers I mean. Racist.
Should also mention that this game must have been the WORST performance or near by David Luiz, judging from these highlights at least.
Wow, a weak-foot hat-trick, who does that?! Falcao, that's who. He is an absolute phenomenon and I'd bet there is already a greater love for him at Atletico tha...
And don't forget the young goalie Courtois!
Somewhere on FootyTube
Yeah, great article. It puts Man City's earnings into perspective like we all thought with great sourcing and, well.... Says exactly what we thought with source...
6 years ago
Schurrle has looked awesome in every game I've seen him play, he'll be a huge player for Germany over the next few years! I know he's already got a few caps and...
Woah, Hulk's free kick's are hit so hard... The one that went in was the weakest too!
Another showpiece of incisive attacking from Germany, they look just as strong as Spain at the moment. All the finishing was fantastic to watch, with Ozil's the...
Wow, Andorra really never had a chance! Lethal from Russia
Absolute belter of a game by the looks of the highlights with fantastic goals and a great result for Sweden to boot! Anyone who doesn't give this 5 Stars is cra...
Ooft, that goal was insane!! Great game for clinical finishing.
Hahaha, 'Willy'
Wow, Pan were awful! Great game for the home fans
Wow, phenomenal and ruthless striking from Portugal. Sure, you should expect them to outclass minnows Luxembourg, but they still did it in spectacular fashion!
Damn straight!
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