Thedreamteam (Scott) great start Chelsea!
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5 years ago
I'm a Chelsea fan.... but I can't complain with Park's performance
7 years ago
I apologize for my ignorance first, but why didn't Totti take penalty?
1) killer tackle by Carragher 2) how everybody (e.g. Gerrard, Kuyt) was bullying on Nani when he went to appeal the ref, and how gerrard tried to block ref's s...
Fantastic performance by Liverpool, yet they have to learn some manners. period.
When are they playing against Lyon?
Nicely done. Hope the game against Tottenham will be a good one!
Nicely done by AC Milan
La Liga should just decide their championship with two games. two El Clasico. All other games are just unnecessary..
Good game bt Tottenham. That was definitely an awesome comeback.
A lot of surprises in this game but I enjoyed Ronaldo's reaction the most :) It's a shame that that didn't count because that was an amazing goal.
And your knowledge of football and the royalties and pesants of the sport are clearly mistaken. Just because your team is buying its way to greatness doesnt mea...
Can't wait 'till el clasico
Well someone's still on the top of league board. and your language was way out of line.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA pretty even result against sunderland considering you guys are s**t CUNTS f*****g dud.
LOL @ Liverpool. I really want to beg the new owner if I can be the new coach with 10% of Hodgson's salary... I don't think I would do much worse that Hodgson a...
Hmm they tied... a fair result for two teams that no are no longer good.
What a performance from PARK!!! The team played bad but Park was there to save the team!!!
Holy s**t!! Gareth Bale=post Ryan Giggs
Solid play from Manchester United !!!
Fantastic goal from Zhirkov!
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