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@mt1234 that save at 3:37 is exactly the kindda save I was talking about... but one example doesnt prove me wrong or prove you right. I still stand by my poin...
4 months ago
@mt1234 I watched the full video just now...that was a horrible performance by iker...poor goalie skills..I would show this video to people to get them agree o...
To all Casillas fans out there.. A great goalie is when you watch the match on tv, when the striker shoots the ball so well, you watch the ball going in, and fo...
Well said my friend...completely agree with every single word. Exactly what I was saying this whole time
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Lmao MT1234 dont judge a book by its cover Danny...Good Questions..What I would do is put my money on the two best defenders in the world..And there are many o...
We didnt win champions league last season. We lost. And it was all because of Ikers mistake in the first half that allowed the first goal from Gudin. It was sim...
If Iker is out goalie this year...kiss good bye any cup...we dont have even have a solid defense..and now you like Iker to be goalie...might as well play the ga...
Anyone else thinks real madrid need to world class defenders? I mean pape maks mistakes in important games...I dont want him g1ood...but not soli...
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7 months ago
1 year ago
Why deny isco a place in the starting eleven?
RM fans...We, have lost again, sorry! but thats as real as it gets. Believe me when I say this.. Barca have always out-played us in the last three years (except...
If we cant beat athletico madrid then how can we win the champions league? To start off, our weakest link is our defense, especially pepe. All that money spen...
Good to hear about alsonso and varane. Personally I'm not sure about Carvajal, hopefully I'm wrong about him. We really don't many choices this year in our defe...
I have a question, may be I missed something. Where is Varane and Xabi Alonso? Are they playing in the squad next season? Also do you think Carvajal is qualifie...
What? That sound clip is so cool and I LOVE it.
True, madrid has always been a circus.
I am looking for that same answer..we are real madrid, our players are world class, why are we failing at this? Is it mourinhio? I hope I'm wrong! I hoped to se...
^^Agree lopez is better than casillas..but I think casillas should play for the rest of the season and cl matches..and lopez play for copa del ray final
The CL semi finals draw is this friday, out of the three possible matches. I prefer Bayern. The easiest is Barca The toughest is Dormund.
I'd love to Joachim Low to be the future coach for Real Madrid.
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