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Roberto Carlos said something recently about joining the coaching staff for Castilla. But I am not sure if the sources are reliable.
1 day ago
Lol afg was a mod on footytube and a good friend to all of us. He is a fan of ozil too; hence the resemblance!! Plus the writing style is similar so that doesnt...
Come on guys no way i dont believe it
2 days ago
Mariano and Asensio for the win
1 week ago
HD quality english commentary available on real madrid website
When Ronaldos not there to score goals, we still got Asensio Mariano Ramos Carvajal Danilo Marcelo. Hala Madrid Hala Madrid.
2 weeks ago
Thecount9010 updated their profile
Pogba is a talent no doubt, but I am relieved we didn't sign him. Is there hope for Perez?
Suarez did get more votes...he was 4th and messi was 5th
Lol morata acting like hes with the big boys now
3 weeks ago
Spot on Pejvl
Tbh it's pretty bad
1 month ago
Another thing...some of you actually love Pique's stupid antics, some of you might even support it or go out of their way to encourage it. If that is true, th...
2 months ago
Pique flips the bird and no one bats an eye. Ronlado throws microphone and everyone loses their minds. Yes Slim, that is Hypocrisy at its finest. The other th...
Awesome camera view. Crazy how only seconds before atletico scored, bale almost scored our 2-0.
... and then it turns out he was a madridsta all along. What a legend lol
Congrats Everryone for this historic win. Hala Madrid Champions of Europe.
Damn m so freaking excited. Hala Madrid Let's go Madrid. I hope Benzema scores a goal, that will be big for him.
This is great. My only concern is, would this service be available only to viewers in UK? or is it a worldwide broadcast?
3 months ago
You said this yesterday "They have 3 days to prepare for the CDR including today" and you edited the word "just" Im assuming today? next time you edit something...
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