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Yes we couldve lose by a big margin only because barca failed to direct the ball on target. They had plenty of good shots but casillas was out of the story, hig...
1 week ago
And the first goal, did you the see he "jumped"? that was totally pathetic. He was no where near the ball.
Barcelona is the last team to complain about Ronaldo diving, your team exploits the unfair advantage every game, and you say "this is football". In my eyes, eve...
When I saw the second goal go in, I immediately blamed Casillas, he made it look like Suarez just scored a goal on an B-class team. The other good saves you s...
Two things..have extra tight defense when out of possession. And second, we must play with creativity. As you know, our past performances were a bit weak, the b...
Yes he deserves a chance, but dont you think it might be too late to play him
2 weeks ago
You must be blind if you dont agree that barca players fall easy
1 month ago
In my opinion, the issue is not in the middle field or out BBC. They showed us that by winning 23 or 24 games straight. The issue is in the defense and out goal...
This has been a nerve wrecking game.
2 months ago
Our team need to stop that touch-step-step pass
Good's 4am in the west coast and I want to see some goals.
Good point on rotation, I was thinking the same about Benzema, in the old Mourinhio days, around minute 60, higuain gets subbed in. Nowadays, 90 minutes for ben...
Deja vu all over again
Thats how we get them baby GO RAMOS
Realistically speaking, we can make it 5-1 if we forget pressure
Defender mistake from ramos. we need to be on fire
Yes exactly my thoughts. The game tomorrow is tough. To play against a stubborn defensive opponent is not easy. We will need some good football luck, we surly ...
How do you score against a team playing with eight defenders?
@mt1234 that save at 3:37 is exactly the kindda save I was talking about... but one example doesnt prove me wrong or prove you right. I still stand by my poin...
7 months ago
@mt1234 I watched the full video just now...that was a horrible performance by iker...poor goalie skills..I would show this video to people to get them agree o...
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