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2 days ago
Yup, it was an assault indeed. That kick was intented to cause bodily harm. No where near the ball and Garcia knows whats hes doing. It is a straight Red Card. ...
Lol you play at home, your fans, it is quarter finals, and you score the winning goal in the last minute. Ya who cares, Henry says.
Honestly, it does not matter which team we get. Even today, our game against AM was as good as the finals. Quarter finals, semi finals, all the same. We can def...
Carlo did prevail today. We played AM six or seven times the past year, if we lost today, it means the coach is not doing a good job. But we didnt, so good job ...
3 days ago
Based on your Bundesliga accomplishments this season. Yes, Bayern deserve a final spot for CL. But you have to beat Barca at semis first.
What Schalke?? What are you talking about? Barcelona played PSG four years in a row now lol
He is World-Class already at age 21. Incredible! Many teams want to sign him, but he is exactly what RM when ramos/pepe retire. I hope we keep him. Also did a...
And screw Diego Simone
Perhaps Ramos in midfield, and Pepe at the back.
Obviously a big change in formation today. Kross PEPE ISCO JAMES in midfield. And Chicharito and Ronaldo upfront Will Carlo Prevail?
Might as well bring back Zidane too. And Sign Oliver Kahn. He is a good goalie.
All we need from Barca is one tie and we become league leaders. With 6 matches to go, so how is our season over? We are right there on second spot with 2 points...
5 days ago
And your point is..
6 days ago
Iker thinks "I'm just gonna drop backwards and pretend I went for the ball, and then give my defender a dirty look".
1 week ago
Iker thinks this is a practice game. It's okay if they score a goal..
I would pick Neuer. He is the best goalie in the world. My tactic, first give the ball away, run back to own goal, wait for other "team" to attack, make a great...
I was wondering why is Muller happy for Porto. But now I get it.
Damn my memory is still sharp. Here is the article. From Marca on 12/14/2014. Title: Pepe, Mr Clean Body: Pepe has cleaned up his act in a big way. Of the 40 ...
Please remove Pepe from that list. Anyone else agrees his attitude had made a complete turn around this season. At one during the first half of the season (some...
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