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Theblaccoffee wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Haha tevez you dick
6 years ago
Motm.. Joey Barton. Thanks for the added time. Most exciting game i've ever seen. Loved every second of it. f**k yeah, city.
I still love you, footytube.
Where was THIS wigan earlier this season?
Lol dammit i laughed like a baby at that.
As much as i don't like ramos, seeing his face after he skied that pk made me feel bad for him. He looked so messed up from it. Like trying not to cry.
This has been a fantastic week of football watching barca and real lose. I'm so excited to see this final without the two biggest clubs in it. Good s**t Chealse...
Somewhere on FootyTube
A beautiful thing about the game is the brilliant tactics. Even though Chelsea defended the entire game, tactically, it was smart playing. You can't hate on the...
barca trolls have been forced into hibernation. chyea.
The football gods smiled upon Chelsea today. Never enjoyed a game so much in my life!
Somewhere on FootyTube
Best match i've ever seen. I screamed and ran around my house. So inspiring. I had to say something somewhere about it. wonderful, wonderful day.
Howard webb sure woulda called that penalty at Old Trafford.
Ashley Young is class, why can't he just stay on his damn feet? I would always try to stay on my feet if i were him. just to school everyone with them.
Dammit! Our back line was all over the place. we're lucky it wasn't 3-0. Omar is class. Pickens was a champ. Hope we start getting back in top form. Good win...
Dude, i personally love BPL. I find it to be the most entertaining league because it's extremely competetive but real and barca are a league of their own. They'...
Sit down.
He's right. I'm watching the entire west brom vs newcastle on that site. PEACE OUT, FOOTYTUBE!
What did ozil do? and why did mourinho walk away into the tunnel? He probably got a red card too..
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