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Spector was pushed as he was shooting :-/
7 years ago
I know 4 goals were scored but there were plenty of amazing saves from both keepers
I have no clue how all of you guys are saying that was a penalty for Vela, he bent his leg back and was falling prior to any contact. Not saying that there was ...
It was Netherlands and Spain in the final, undisputedly the two best teams to have never won the world cup.
Lost a lot of respect for Liverpool today. Will be rooting against them from now on I believe.
And no beckham for the entire season either.
His first goal was offsides.
8 years ago
Sooo, first goal by forlan was offsides. shoulda been 1-0 fulham
Http:// that pretty much sums up European football
Because we're tired of Lalas screaming "yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The only yeah i'd love to hear would be from the opening theme for CSI: ...
Should've been a penalty for dempsey at the end.
Vote donovan's goal as goal of the week! 5th place right now, 3 away from 4th
Yep. he did way better than Casillas.
Was that El Salvador's A squad or were they doing the same as USA just testing out some possibilities?
Altidore is the man
They kiss their fingers and point to the sky and look up. same thing, different way of expressing it.
Cherry popped
Dammmnnnn giiirll, the back of yo head is ridiculous! can i get chyow numba can i get it can i have it can i get it?
Aren't these guys supposed to be the top 2 french goal keepers?
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