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"Di f*****g Maria is not the person we need right now." sure, we already have young, valencia, zaha, and januzaj, those are world class players, not comparable...
32 minutes ago
So easy for liverpool to sign a player... at a good price.... the opposite is true for us di maria and khedira are technically up for grab... wondering if wood...
9 hours ago
Di maria + khedira would instantly put us on almost equal footing with madrid, bayern and barca ---------de gea-------- -jones----rojo----shaw- ---herrera---kh...
17 hours ago
@jiffymanutd "stick to the club" oh until my blood no longer red i will always stay red some glory hunters wouldnt even care to complain and just jump ship a...
20 hours ago
Scholes really hit the nail and summed up what ive been thinking about united... maybe if i were scholes you guys would have reacted to me differently, or mayb...
@toruhyuga that's true i will only get optimistic when i see concrete actions... i was very optimistic after the appointment of LVG and the wonderful presea...
22 hours ago
Whats the condition of rvp?
Do you think rojo will be our last signing this summer or should we expect any more to come? i personally think LVG really wants to bring another world class m...
Official: after considering the impact of such ban on Messi's future, FIFA, under the command of Sepp Blatter, has decided to postpone the transfer ban until at...
1 day ago
Didnt think about that... but to answer your question "i don't understand why we are not interested in Khedira" i'll ask you another question, do you know our...
The instalments are okay... i was talking about the fees and of course the 20% profit sharing
What are you talking about gery? mata was a sight for sore eyes last season... he was perhaps the most outstanding united player last season alongside de gea ...
"Sporting will receive £8m immediately, with further instalments of £4m being paid on 1 December this year and 1 July, 2015." "In addition they will get 20% ...
2 days ago
From hummels, downgraded to benatia, downgraded to rojo still not impressed with overall summer transfer this year but i welcome rojo, when all your surround...
At least januzaj is brave enough to give it a shot... and in fact he actually dribble past a couple of players so it's good enough... he'll be our next star
Sigh, as long as woodward is the CEO we unlikely will ever make a move
If you tell this to woodward, maybe, he'll actually consider buying him... before realizing bolt isn't actually a football player
Before we all get too excited.. I know rojo will be a terrific addition (mainly because our squad is really thin, so any addition will actually be welcome) bu...
Wait what makes it more more interesting is there is di maria in that pic... does it mean he's coming tooo???
Our CEO is woodywoodward, not florentino perez... thats my answer
Theatreofdream gave the Bayern München v Real Madrid video a rating of 5
3 months ago
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