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Lol 10m? thats quite disrespectul... also didnt clyne say he'll only go for champs league club? i think we should go for him
7 hours ago
I cant believe how thick face can someone be.. how on earth can sepp bletter continue to insist on becoming the next president after 17 years in charge and all ...
10 hours ago
They put utmost importance on fighting racism
Looking at florentino perez face already makes me want to vomit and laugh, he's probably one level below sepp blatter
Depay is the kind of player with very strong pride and ego... his confidence is very high and won't simply drop even if people mocking him in and out, just like...
Bacca will be 30 next year, not sure if buying him will make an economic sense... his situation is like rvp 2-3 seasons ago, except rvp 2 seasons ago is so muc...
That sentence has been brendanized !
No way his drawing cant be that good
With him only im already looking forward to next season but we know there will be more signings coming, so really cant wait until next season starts cmon uni...
2 days ago
What is the worth of life, i ask you, if it goes unreflected?
You don't celebrate for not having a cancer but you will celebrate after surviving from a cancer
@bagofcelery yes i agree, torres failed because the system didn't fit right for him... ever since mou left, and chelsea bought in mata, oscar and hazard, the c...
3 days ago
With this development im more certain he'll sign extension
Thats like saying, after getting out from a jail a teenager is welcome with a big party by his family and friends, then he purposely enter jail again in order t...
Https:// i don't doubt he'll produce a lot of goals for his next club to prove all these doubters wrong
@MUFC1990 alright mate, shake hand, lets just admit hot arguments bound to happen for ultra passionate fans like us
4 days ago
Who is abel again?
@thecheshirecat i agree, moyes brought a disaster to the club, it was a tragedy and to rebuild a team after a disastrous campaign will not be easy @mufc oh i...
@shiwa yup, i posted those stats a few days ago @MUFC1990 oh it's you again.... errrr did i say i wasn't happy?
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1 year ago
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