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I think it's because hazard doesn’t get many goals and assists that's why he seems overrated on the paper.... but he's involved in almost all chelsea's goals....
6 days ago
I admire hazard so much more... that young boy is so under covered perhaps due to his silent and quiet nature... doesnt talk much but kills everyone with his s...
I am confused so who betrayed who? Ancelotti said Di Maria betrayed Real Madrid Di Maria said it's the other way round... Ancelotti: "There are times when the ...
Bro make sure you include the name of the person you quoted to avoid confusion... it's SAF who said this...
1 week ago
Lol the headline of this news will make you even angrier
Simply because he's the most senior and he's the captain... in a war, the king will not question his soldiers when they lost, he will question his general... th...
@DTaDiablo lol I never actually said he didn’t play well... I said "it's fair put the biggest blame on rooney" meaning that if someone has to take the bigges...
To me it's fair to put the biggest blame on rooney coz he's by far the most senior player in the squad not to mention he's their captain too... even if he was t...
This will affect italian teams the most i think instead of looking just absolute amount of debt they should be looking at the ability to pay the debt instead.....
Such a nice story, the delivery, the structure, very meaningful as well... 9/10
In fact he was involved in the other 2 goals as well... on another day it could have been a hat-trick... good for him :)
Premier League injuries since 2002: Arsenal 891 Manchester United 794 Tottenham 788 Newcastle 777 Everton 666 Chelsea 622 Manchester City 596 Aston Villa 57...
@jeroen clever
Brace yourself, pep supporters (who're no other than messi and barcelona worshippers) are coming to defend him
As soon as I read Pep at number 1, I know this guy is the victim of media (who often over-glorifies the likes of messi and pep and undermines the likes of mouri...
Ronaldo can retire in madrid but he can come to united after that as an ambassador... same as for becks... i really want becks to represent united once again......
The use of "of" between bobby and charlton is really funny lol
First let us get a cb
Let's fly a banner asking shawcross to come home in his next match... im ready to donate...
@bazinga i agree
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