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Torres had nothing to prove before moving to chelsea fellaini debut with man utd wasn't bad at all i'd say, lets keep track of his development, the more expec...
Who's the first to spot herrera? was it from moyes or sir alex?
Last year first pre season match: singha all stars 1 - 0 manchester united
Do you know how often do they have the discount and usually for how long? will there be a discount for home jersey as well?
Those 2 are good players... hargreaves plagued by injury unlucky for him... tevez was a fantastic and dedicated player until he got heart broken
Logically speaking yes... but really 1.2? why not 2.5? or why not 500k? 1.2 is like, please come into my house, but please dont touch anything inside and dont ...
2 days ago
The fees are a bit embarrassing and insulting... free transfer would have been better
In just 2 seasons we have lost our captains, mentors, friends, warriors rio, vidic, evra, scholes, park, giggs, and sir alex you'll be remembered.. btw congr...
3 days ago
@shiwa you see, those who always spread nonsense rumors are always these loser papers...
Vidal's home in turin is up for sale source: dailystar lol seriously is this true or are they really making things up from scratch again?
4 days ago
@joeymac "Shaw was a highly coveted young player. Southampton would have loved to keep him, but it's simply smart business for a club of their stature to sell ...
6 days ago
You guys keep saying that he'll be a terrific long term investment (as far as for the next 15 years)... what makes you think 1) he'll play for us that long? 2...
Of course under the assumption that shaw will be loyal for the next 15 years
1 week ago
So heavy that his calf can't bear him.. poor andie
Nobody messes with gaal
Kroos, 24, world cup, CL, multiple bundesliga, Pokal, etc., 20m Herrera, 25, 0 meaningful trophy, 29m Fellaini, 26, 0 meaningful trophy, 28m something doesn't ...
Market capitalization of manchester united is USD 3 bln. that is to say, if you want to buy 100% of man utd shares, that'll be the amount. usually you'll need...
Carrick should be given less time definitely... his performance was rustic last season... khedira is a very good player... wondering again why arent we after hi...
You haven't met ronaldinho from indonesia then
Wow still discussing messi? hahahah award is an opinion not an objective statement, there are always ppl who say yes, and ppl who say no... pointless to keep a...
Theatreofdream gave the Bayern München v Real Madrid video a rating of 5
2 months ago
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