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The thing is, under SAF, united played so so much better so he never really had to concern about performance... even when we won 2 years ago with a below averag...
16 hours ago
Exactly my though, lvg's character is really needed to manage a heavily media exposed team like united.... so glad we have him
Sneijder? dude...
22 hours ago
Oh I mean Di Maria... yes... so many times i have seen this season where our players are expected to be back before the match but turn out they can't make it.....
According to who? it says rojo and smalling are still injured but look at newcastl...
Yup i said "very subtly" but the essence is the same, people today are physically better than people in the past, thus making them a better candidate to be a be...
For the very top players, there is very little difference between the old generation (pele, maradona) and today's generation (cr7, r9, messi).. but for other p...
1 day ago
@karthik what was the context of the statement? why did he say that? i think everyone in the team is rooting for falcao to score, that's the reason mata passe...
Lovren (2013-14/ 2014-15) Apps: 30/15 Errors leading to goals: 1/2 Errors leading to shots: 1/7 price: 20 mln pounds priceless
2 days ago
The thing is all these 3 players are improving week by week, especially rvp... if they can keep the momentum, it's only a matter of time until 3 the of them sco...
Lallana deserves ballon d'or
You guys, so typical.... if kane were playing for man utd, you would be saying otherwise... it's only a matter of time until someone bring wilson up... oh nev...
Poor jamie
Lol stop the joke please, costa > hazard? ridiculous... hazard is on par with sanchez, in some matches the former is better in other the later is better... ju...
Hahahahaha that's really funny lorenzzzo hahahaha...
3 days ago
Man utd christmas gathering part 2
In terms of efficiency mata is better, i mean he scored 5 already out of only 6 shots on target... but i still think in terms of leading up the attack hazard is...
It's normal for a case to be brought forward years after the alleged crime took place... what im worried is this news will affect herrera's mentality and sprea...
No i think lorenzoooo is true lvg himself wasn't that pleased with the performance and he wants to improve it... i completely agree with him.
4 days ago
Totti refused the captain armband as he was being subbed on and screamed at Keita to get back in his position. Legend.
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2 months ago
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7 months ago
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