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Says the fan supporting 2 glamorous teams. Livercelona? Lol what a joke, true Barca or Liverpool fans should be ashamed of this gloryhunter.
6 years ago
Busquets up to his usual tricks I see.
Well obviously his English isn't that great so I'll help him translate what I think he meant. "I think Real Madrid is the only team best equipped to beat Barce...
Very well written post, I really feel sorry for Casillas because you can clearly see he is ashamed of the antics of some of his teammates yet he there's nothing...
Funny coming from a username called GerrardFC. Because we all know Gerrard doesn't dive, lol.
Just so you know, "The Reds" = Liverpool. Man Utd are known as The Red Devils. You shouldn't be mixing this up as a United fan especially considering Liverpool ...
Most of the "youngsters" are already in their mid 20s and have been playing in the league for 3 or 4 seasons now. Not exactly rookie players by any means. You'...
7 years ago
Are you a Spaniard? Why are you supporting Man Utd instead of a Spanish club?
Bolo Zenden is a legend.
Wise words coming from a Liverpool supporter.
What a stupid statement. Oh sure Fergie is gonna come out and say, "oh we were lucky to get a win here at the current La Liga leaders I think best course of...
So many people throwing Almunia under the bus but in actual fact, the whole Arsenal team was to blame for their lackluster display. They thought they could jus...
I disagree, if Almunia had jumped on that ball and missed, he would've been sent off. Don't forget he was already on a yellow from that first half challenge.
Wow he was honoring a dead friend and here you are spouting garbage out of your mouth like this.
I hope Muller keeps his feet grounded after this World Cup because he's gonna be destined for greatness.
"And to everyone saying "You would have done it too!" All your doing is showing your true colors because most everyone I've played with over 22 years would not ...
"best player on the pitch by a mile" Was that why he missed the most crucial spot kick of the match?
I think Rob Green would have a pretty hard time handling that ball. That's 1 person.
Apparently you don't play football, or any sports for the matter. Most of us who play the game even slightly competitively would have done the same thing.
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