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Pejvl wrote in On Thariuss wall
I got you Tharius,happens to me as well. Sometimes it's just better to shut up and let them be. And thanks for the ticket info,I've also been watching them on t...
33 minutes ago
Thanx man means alot to get ur support Pejvl, should have been more samrt about it especially when my original post was affirming that it was a soft penalty and...
1 hour ago
Hey man,i saw what happened in the discussion you had with Franky. The right thing would be to ignore it,but then not many people can go over something like tha...
4 hours ago
It isnt and it was I really should have known better then to make it so easy for him to use that remark against me and my reaction was because I am currently go...
Hey mate, I apologize on behalf of Franky for the personal remark he made about you. While I understand your reaction, I just wanna remind you that it's not o...
9 hours ago
Thank you guys it means alot to me.lake what can I say its nice to see an informed lady on here sharing her views you and MadridUnited are a rare breed and we n...
12 hours ago
Brother I am Canadian but born in Colombia with German father so I am Colombian but was taken to Canada when I was 3 months old. I am from Cali Salsa capital of...
16 hours ago
I am going to come out and say this now boyz I may be banned shortly for something I posted I hope it doesnt reflect on any of us Madridistas because I lost my ...
You a pretty tough guy with ur smart remarks arent u sitting behind ur laptop arent u u piece of s**t, man you are one lucky bitch. Great with your mouth but w...
I will be at that game on Sunday boyz leave for Madrid tomorrow, dont worry I will straighten Ramos out!!!!
Oh no you didn't Realfan oh no you didnt lol
19 hours ago
Ramos stood out for me more then Illara, Illara is just Illara not sure what people go on about him for.
Sorry what opinion without reason you talking about here? and I suppose ur the judge of what is without reason right since it was our team playing today didnt u...
LOL got to agree there he was particularly annoying today.
What is up with MOdric thus far? he has really only had one really good performance everything else has been very hot cold oh well lets hope for the best.
I have very strong opinions? lol, im sorry what is it that most of us post on here?, poems about each other. WOW so all ur opinions on almost every postmust st...
Thankyou Careltto for Benz, Kroos and James , game changed right away. Isco, Illara, MOdric lots of good ball retention and possession very little vertical and...
NOw that was a dive ladies and gentlemen, what do the cules think of that one.
20 hours ago
If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to see it did it really let me know next time that happens please Franky will ya I know u guys mo...
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