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NO need these things happen already and usually escalate into insults and ridiculous comments. Chances are people will over step their bounds anyways even if t...
23 hours ago
UUUURRRRGGGHHHHHHHH!!! Anemic is the only adjective that comes to mind.
2 days ago
Can someone tell Cris he doesnt have to rip a hole in the back of the net evertime he shoots a free kick.
If we dont shift into another gear this is going to end in a tie or we may give up something late, nobody playing bad per say just no dynamic or creative play h...
He is going to be the most fouled player on the pitch very soon if he isnt already, couple of times they almost took out both his legs, cause he waits till the ...
^^ Nice, hardcore cule in the house.
3 days ago
Villareals history suggests they have never won at the Bernabeu and there should be no reason that trend changes today. However they are a team with a lot of q...
Haters gon hate!!:P
Tharius the reason I referenced the Barcelona users is because I know for a fact some are Argentinian, purely because they follow Messi. That's the only reason....
4 days ago
Yea they went to FOX COOK in Madrid about 5 mins away from the Bernabeu I was there last summer wicked spot great vibe.
I get your frustration man,our El Clasico forums are really falling low this days. Insults and having fun at expense of the rival team loosing seem to be the ma...
5 days ago
Zilch mentioned it coming from the Barcelona forum, which is no surprise to me but I feel has less to do with what I said but where it was said and thats in the...
Hey Tharius,I'm know I'm really late now,but i had some problems with my internet provider so I wasn't able to log in at all. The reason I didn't warn you at ...
Pejvl take a look at my wall and the reaction I got from the barca camp because of what I wrote about Simeone and him being from a particular place in the world...
Solid intelligent user with a good track history, makes a comment which could've been worded more carefully given the content and could've easily been construed...
I just came here to check because I didn't see any problem in your initial post,but now I see you had used a very poor choice of word and which is even incorrec...
I can see the difference you are presenting, and I appreciate you giving me an explanation. I'll take you off status, just pleaseee be a bit more careful with y...
Well didnt realize that would offend anyone as the opinion was made in the context of futbol , because the perception of dirty play by Argentenians has a very l...
Well didnt realize that would offend anyone as the opinion was made in the context of futbol , because the perception of dirty play by Argentenians has a very l...
Woah woah woah! Tharius, you just said: " I like this Simeone less and less as he shows his true Argentinian colours." That is highly offensive and the exact d...
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