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Thachad108 nominated A. Januzaj (90') for Goal of the Week
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Thachad108 nominated W. Rooney (8') for Goal of the Week
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Spain playing dirty=more yellow cards
They do...his name is jack wilshire
Well we tied them at madrid.......and we were beating them before the ref stepped in and destroyed any chance of us witnessing a balanced game.......also..........
6 years ago
I hope pepe turns out for the upcoming ManU game...I'd love to see him try to fight Wazza or RVP for possession like he did jordi alba and Busquets...what a POS
I agree with you there niru...if torres wouldnt have collapsed he would have had a very good chance on goal...posibly a match changing goal...but he floped
As for u buc... i will wallow in my win, it tastes so sweet... if you won that game you would be too... the difference between me and u is i dont search the int...
Sterling is in beast mode
NO! forget 4-3-3 toss out the 4-4-2 from today same defenders...take out POS Milner...replace him with Walcott or Oxlade (both playing well)...put Rooney at CF...
Ibra is a punk.. and im glad Sweden went up a goal so his inner douche-bag would come out....that said he's also a god-damn beast...did u see him chunk Terry an...
Well, if balotelli happens to be on the pitch Man shitty is begging to get carded...(6-yellow, 2-red) so far this season....he's garbage
I like the rich noisy champion's neighbor
@wearethebest...every player you mentioned at the top with the exception of berbatov and possibly a few others were bought at a very young age because of Fergie...
7 years ago
That's a song by out cast btw
De hey-yaaaaaaaaaaaa....... dont want to meet yo daddy, hey -yaaaaaaaaa... jus want you in my caddy
Welbeck-berb would be an awesome being a leading goal scorer for united's cham19nship season and the other a kid hungry to prove what he can do doesnt...torres cant sink a 6 yarder with an open net....most over rated striker in the world
First year doing it and i peaked at 24th so rooney and Dzeko prediction paid least for now
Im extremely disappointed considering messi xabi and iniesta are all 90+ in the demo...manchester being champ19ns in the premiere league and contested barcelona...
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