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And another thing. That DESERVED to be a non-goal simply by the absolutely incredible play that john terry made. Do you have any idea how hard that is to do?!
6 years ago
A few things: If john terry was wearing any color boot other than white, i think the line ref would have called it. From the camera angle, we're seeing it fro...
I'm surprised pepe didn't go down holding his face 'injured' when the own goal happened.
He was a great COACH. he was coach under sam. he is a terrible MANAGER, for all the reasons you just listed plus so much more.
Venky's has stripped us of our assets (best players), our respect, and now our premier league status. But they cannot strip us of our pride. Blackburn Rovers ...
Yes, i'm glad too that you guys stayed up. Well played and you deserve it. People were terrible towards kean, but it was all pointed towards Venky's. We have ...
Well crap. Obviously wasn't expecting anything from this game, but to go 80 minutes of playing your heart out only to lose it at the end leaves you a little so...
And i want messi, ronaldo, and rooney to join rovers.
Sure we had awful luck this game. But we also had 2 or 3 absolutely glorious chances through Modeste that he really should have had more composure with. He coul...
Beast goals from keane
God you're hilarious
You talk as if rovers had no injuries, though, when they had WAY MORE of an injury crisis than utd. It's ridiculous to say that rovers 'took advantage of an inj...
And if rovers lost today we ("we" being the 5 or so Rovers supporters on here) could have pointed at our ridiculous amount of injuries and players being played ...
Yea, kinda sad now. Rovers USED to represent humble and simple. Though I'd be slow to call Venky's 'corporate' as that implies they have some smart people in th...
Give me a break. united's reserves are better than rover's starting eleven. The fact that you lost to a 60% reserve rovers side managed by the worst manager in ...
Open your mind. do you know how many injuries rovers have? Maybe you need a reminder that the winner was scored by a lad that has 3 other central defenders in f...
I hate what venkys have done to my club.
Meh. Sure it's annoying to hear about players being idiots sometimes, but having a bit of passion is a good thing in my books. What pisses me off more than anyt...
The Yak ate well today
His record is 6-11-16. we would all love for him to resign.
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