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5 years ago
I hope Inter losses next tie!!!.... They were VERY lucky!!!!
7 years ago
A slip in the face for Mourinho!!!
Where the Real fans at???..... Jose Morinhio?... Who is he????? jk LOL!
Maradona had to put Messi there because he was the heart of the team.... If he was a striker or jus held a forward possition, who would supply him the ball???.....
No Ronaldo doesnt have a two goal lead.... He still has a one goal lead to this day
Another thing, alot of ppl say that Messi cant do the things that Cr7 can do.... But look at the 1-2's between Messi and Pedro,... is that something that Cr7 do...
The score could never be "technically" 2-1... The score is the score and thats it!!.... You cant count what could've been...
Imagine jus the other day Ronaldo was in front by 5goals.... Now that lead has been cut down to 1!!.... Cr7 is good,... but Messi is better!!!!!
Well, Messi really has a free role in front... Villa, Pedro and Messi can interchange...
Walcott has really stepped up his game this season.... Good for him!
Crkaka, you talk alot of nonsense.... Could I say the same for Real?... Without Ronaldo Real is nothing?... You count all the trophies Real won in the past, tha...
Messi played good for the World Cup, but of course not his best... He really had "bad luck" in front of goal.... Remember he did strike the post twice!!.... Als...
Good to see Torres score a goal!.....
A terrible night for Villa.. I have faith that he will score more goals later.... He is a good player and he will do well at Barca despite his unconvincing star...
Btw, Real Madrid played well,.... but at the same time Racing played terrible!!! When you add those two factors together, 6goals is what you get!
All Cr7 goals were sitters.... He is a good player but I still don't like him....... I still think Messi is better.
Great quality vid!..... I really would've liked Spain to score a few more..... 3 more perhaps! I am disappointed that David Villa didnt get to score a hat-trick...
This game will certaily give Portugal some confidence going into the game with Brazil,...... but it wont save them.... Portugal deserved to win but they definit...
If you meant to say that Ronaldo played as though he was sick, you are right bcuz he did not play so well.... I dont know what game you were watching!!.... or m...
This one sided game was by no means the best match of the World Cup.... I agree with Hitch.... This game certainly does add to the World Cup as it provides a lo...
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