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Hahahahahah how is zidane not better than both of them? there are others as well but leaving out zidane is the most obvious fail for me
6 years ago
Well actually there is such a thing as ball to hand and then handball.. so no.. handball is not handball always....
Did you watch the amount of time wasting newcastle were doing? if you watched the game.. Krul was doing it from the 38th minute onward...it was a joke
May not be a racist but rooney is most certainly a proven diver
Where did I say that you did? uh oh... all I did was describe the video basically......maybe take your own advice there?
Haha think thats one upset liverpool fan......but if you are trying to find a vid of RVP that shows him in a bad light... theres a few knocking around on youtub...
@7amood3arif you just said suarez is not a diver and then go onto say that every player dives....well surely that makes suarez a diver cos he is a player? :P ...
@PeterGriffin you wrote it after the milan game? thats impressive, you knew we were gonna lose 2-0 to sunderland before it happened? good job, next time i w...
Not even a yellow in my opinion.. not even a foul haha! id expect that tackle every day of the week in a mans game....cant believe the appeal got turned down as...
I dont even see how people are happy with our attacking play, so often during the game we just passed it away in the most ridiculous ways, or looked static. Add...
I think we are starting to find our defensive feet, hopefully that continues, but our ability to hold onto the ball let us down big time in the second half. Cre...
The movement from hernandez for the first goal is world class. I love watching him play. Looks like it is United's league to lose to be honest, yes its only ea...
Hart couldnt have saved the first one, any blame on hart is ridiculous, because that free kick was inch perfect, he cant commit to it in case someone gets a tou...
Clearly you didnt see wilshere giving his team mates the rough side of his tongue in the first half, i dont think theres a player in our team that wants to win ...
7 years ago
The tackle on bale was nasty? please tell me you are joking? he couldnt have got any more of the ball.. it flew out for a throw in...
Hahah balotelli! generally hes a complete knob. but the wink was funny as hell, best way to wind someone up on a football pitch is to smile at them or wink, as...
Shame ive just seen this, i got hit with a tackle in a game that flipped me, the guy didnt even get the ball, what did i do? landed on my back and started laugh...
I dont think you can blame arsenal fans for questioning wenger.....its been a long time since we have looked truly hungry as a team, like in this game, wilshere...
"Total humiliation for EPL clubs on English soil." errrrr you lost to us at the emirates.....so its impossible for it to be TOTAL on english soil... oooooooooo...
Ill quote wenger here for you so that you can realise how wrong you are in your statement Arsenalfan99 "We were beaten by a terrific side, the best team in Eur...
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