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Thats more like it haha and the best team will be barca. I must admit they missing RVP a lot, but that wouldnt chance a thing. Barca will win and i can bet my s...
8 years ago
Barca will win. I find barca more mature in there whole play, in passing and ballhandling etc...Arsenal is as always good, but just not good enough. That's goin...
Good game played! High tempo...great outsiders that can damaged the big teams left!
I think the subs where the crucial factor why bayern got on top of the game...after that bayern started to pressure man u. much more and united couldnt get a ho...
Lol...yeah ur right s**t can brake out suddenly...just to reflect on how much influence he has on the results.
Team is doing good without kaka...love the guy, but he doesn't shine as much as he wants to. good combo indeed, higuain and ronaldo!
Lol...give the poor guy a brake
Lol...what is it with all the 30+. some is good, but a little balance cant do no harm ;) lol
Messi or Ronaldo. Can't compare bananas with peaches...lol...different type of players. Both there own qualities. Ronaldo's free kick, messi's super dribble, tr...
I hope for barca that messi don't get injured, cause that would mess up the whole season. He's on fire and without that guy, they will be less productive. It w...
Why is everybody depressed, with 4 points behind, there's still hope. Have some faith in Milan ;)...They are switching to much. Everytime i see a change on the ...
We had to win against Twente. Shiitttt...But there's still hope! Focus please :). Twente will not succeed. Mark my words, PSV or Ajax will walk away with the ti...
Come on PSV...concentrate and just win ur 6 games left :)!! It can be done...Twente faces a tough program. On the other hand Ajax has an easy program. Win the ...
Easy win for ajax...Feyenoord will give them a hard time in the cup final. If they can beat PSV and Twente, sure as hell they could beat Ajax....lol...
Lost in the world of football lol
Some ugly goals outthere lol...but if u can win ugly, that's a good sign, caus things only getter more beautiful :). Dinho great player, even if he plays at 50%...
Gettin biblical up in here ;)...faith cant always be explained, it's the certainty of the unseen. That's why its called faith... Good game by the way lol...
I mean, if the guy is injured or sent off, they don't have enough goalscoring power...look at the game against Juve. And a contract means nothing these days ;)....
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