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4 years ago
At any rate, the next match will be worthwhile for sure. Also- WTF GOAL UNITED ADS!! The ad volume is raping my ears/speakers...
5 years ago
Agreed. With that in mind, I thought it was a notably great save. You like Bayern too, had to appreciate a Neuer-like moment.
I'd rather see the "video removed" message than watch this, especially considering that there really isn't any video to watch...
A fine game of refball.
Spain kicked some ass, but that last penalty chip was a nicely done "f*** you" to Spain lol
Looks like Poland can use the home advantage pretty well. Even better for my Dreamfooty team! >:]
Pretty entertaining highlights! It's a shame this won't be seen very much...
I think this guy is exaggerating, but is making a few good points. I can't say I'm a big fan of either Man. squad, but even though both teams have a lot of mone...
Looks like someone wasn't paying attention in Englishes class either.
6 years ago
The audio added a little... fear ....along with the excitement of the match.
Is it just me, or does it seem like African teams should spend a little more time on PKs?
This feels personally disappointing to see Argentina helping Suarez's skill. I think it would be simply wrong to say that Suarez isn't a top player, but I stopp...
Two strong, well-placed goals. I see a lot of good football from this league.
Awesome clever attempt at the end.
90% of the video is the same frozen frame..
I think it's interesting how much mood impacts Brazil...most countries have to worry about speed, technique, etc. but Brazil often needs minimal drama to play w...
So many errors...even in the highlights.
With all the jabber about match fixing this friendly really made me wonder...In particular- about a couple of Argentina's defensemen who were letting people thr...
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