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3 years ago
At any rate, the next match will be worthwhile for sure. Also- WTF GOAL UNITED ADS!! The ad volume is raping my ears/speakers...
4 years ago
Agreed. With that in mind, I thought it was a notably great save. You like Bayern too, had to appreciate a Neuer-like moment.
I'd rather see the "video removed" message than watch this, especially considering that there really isn't any video to watch...
A fine game of refball.
Spain kicked some ass, but that last penalty chip was a nicely done "f*** you" to Spain lol
Looks like Poland can use the home advantage pretty well. Even better for my Dreamfooty team! >:]
5 years ago
Pretty entertaining highlights! It's a shame this won't be seen very much...
I think this guy is exaggerating, but is making a few good points. I can't say I'm a big fan of either Man. squad, but even though both teams have a lot of mone...
Looks like someone wasn't paying attention in Englishes class either.
The audio added a little... fear ....along with the excitement of the match.
Is it just me, or does it seem like African teams should spend a little more time on PKs?
This feels personally disappointing to see Argentina helping Suarez's skill. I think it would be simply wrong to say that Suarez isn't a top player, but I stopp...
Two strong, well-placed goals. I see a lot of good football from this league.
Awesome clever attempt at the end.
90% of the video is the same frozen frame..
I think it's interesting how much mood impacts Brazil...most countries have to worry about speed, technique, etc. but Brazil often needs minimal drama to play w...
6 years ago
So many errors...even in the highlights.
With all the jabber about match fixing this friendly really made me wonder...In particular- about a couple of Argentina's defensemen who were letting people thr...
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