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Abukkk (Fendunho)
AceManDoC7 (Manuel DoCarmo) from Hamilton, Canada
Fan of Manchester United during the first decade of 2000. They are now just as bad as City and Chelsea for abusing transfer budgets. Considering switching to a team that still have ...
ACMilan03 (سيد) from Milan, Italy
AdnanMessi (Arijan Brkic)
I love football!
Adzy4 (Adam Belcher) UnitedKingdom
I'm fat and I love Manchester United :)
Aeaglan (Alaaedeen) from Toronto, Canada
Live positive & leave a positive impact on everything and everyone around you. That is the only way that we can improve your world. Bit by bit, one person at a time. Do the right t ...
Affainyi (Affainyi)
Africanred (Sibonginkhosi Gama) from Saratoga Springs, USA
AgentPutin (Dadya Wasya)
-Speak bunch of languages, I was lucky enough to play competitive football till the age of 19 (blood clot ended the career). -I am Russian Supported Chelsea from childhood. So B ...
Ahmadillomon (Ahmad Muliadi)
I love hunting, fishing and football. When I watch football I like to watch Tottenham, Palermo and Crystal Palace. But when I play for my team Maunu Blue I try to play like Mousa ...
AikayARS (Aikay)
Kick4Life - changing lives through football