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In that case Busquets should have seen a card. The matter of it's color depends on the refs decision. This time he judged it to be red. "Some may say full stre...
7 years ago
True. However Alves tried to kick the ball from below while Pepe came from above. Once again according to FIFA regulations that is dangerous play.
It does not really matter weather he made contact or not, that is dangerous play by Pepe. According to FIFA regulations the ref had every right to sent him off
I also remember that the ref during the home game against Inter denied Barca the winning goal. Which by the way the ref admitted himself
Diserved to go through?? Did you watch this game. Sure the ref was messed up, but sirously arsenal had no shots on goal, not one
Iniesta and Alves unbelievable stuff
Yeah Pep made a mistake, however I don’t really feel competent to judge his decisions. I guess he distrusted Bojan since his lacking in form this season. Stil...
As far as I know Pep replaced Villa because of his minor foot injury. As for your other remarks I must agree.
I totally agree with Borg Real were awsom
I’m starting to think that some of the Barca fans on this board watched a different match. All this talk about Barca crushing Arsenal in the second leg is ext...
Being a Barca fun myself I very much regret the loss at Emirates. However Arsenal played really well and that’s a deserved victory. The match could’ve gone ...
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