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I love barcelona. I've been a fan since I was eight and have had eye for no other. I play soccer for fun, although my skills on the ball are above average. I love my city but would be willing to travel to Europe to experience the true passion of football. I love playing Fifa 11 on my xbox.
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For the record, Lionel Messi is the best player that I have yet to see since the invention of football, anybody who thinks otherwise can go f**k themselves. LOL
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Arsenal fans keep whinning about how the ref was unfair forgetting that Messi should have been awarded a penalty earlier on in the game. It was quite obvious th...
7 years ago
Pep needs to quite relying so much on Sergio Busquets. He played him in center back and it almost cost us. This is were Yaya Toure would have come in. Pep needs...
Messi needs to cut the crap and get serious.
Rankings mean nothing without trophies. Arsenal can brag all they like but they have nothing to show for. Always second best.
Barca can get beaten at the nou camp but it is not likely.
I know my boyz will bounce back. They are just that good.
Villa was barely in the game when he got subed. But pep should've have encouraged more attack instead of defense.
It's funny how Arsenal fans think they've qualified already. You have the advantage but a lot can happen in 90 minutes. I'll be suprised if Arsenal don't play d...
Messi was wasteful in front of goal.
Arsenal dont stand a chance. After we defeat them, Fabregas will finally decide to join us.
Messi is unbelieveable. Pele better start eating is words saying Messi cannot score 1000 goals before he retires. He will be the greatest ever footballer if he ...
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Prayer won't do any good when the likes of Messi and Xavi are on the ball.
Barca d most feared team in the world and poor Arsenal get them for the second time in a row. Bad luck 4 Arsenal.
Thats cool dude. Yeah, i've been on footytube for a while but I hardly log in to the site. It's cool to know that we have Barcelona fans in the states consideri...
Tanny what's up I know you are not new to footytube but I have to say I don't think I've come across you before. Anyway welcome back to footytube I guess. I see...
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Nasri continues to grow as a player. Watchout for him in the coming years.
This type of performance has become a routine for Lionel Messi, the best player that I have seen in the modern game.
I dont think he meant it in the actual meaning of the word. you support Zegreb? nice.
Messi is the best player ever even better than pele cause is only 22 and as achieved so much.
8 years ago
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