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We just have to be patient since the transfer market has been overly inflated, we found ourselves where we never expected by winning the league (it's an icing o...
1 week ago
Costa's move would have derailed us this season especially in January, which I think Conte's man-management is out of the league. He managed the situation very ...
2 weeks ago
I hope Pique will be able to sleep well tonight. I can't get enough of him when it comes to Madrid. Sometimes a game like this just needs exceptional players to...
3 weeks ago
In my own perspective from what Costa said, I think what really transpired between Costa, Conte and Chelsea's board was that he wanted to leave for A-Madrid in ...
4 weeks ago
Arsenal deserves to win the cup because they want it more. On the other hands, I did not remember the last time Matic won any tackles, we always overrun by the ...
Chelsea Medical Staffs: I think we don't actually give props to our medical staffs for making our players staying healthy. It's very rare to see them out of se...
1 month ago
Nice teamwork from Blues! On the other hand, Man Utd finally left 6th position but unfortunately to 7th. I hope they can win tomorrow's game
3 months ago
Mourinho doesn't deserve those rants from the small fan base but he called for it by himself because he has shown a lack of respect for the club he virtually wo...
I am doing good bro! how things dey go for your end too? nice to read from you
4 months ago
Men against Boys. Xhaka is till dancing Chaka Demus
They end our clean sheet and we end their unbeaten runs. Tit for tat!
7 months ago
Chelsea has shown the quality of a champion. In the midst of adversities, they still created something out of nothing. Spur is not joking at all.
My condolences bro!
Chelsea is balling at the moment. I can't even remember the last time we beat Everton convincingly. We had suffered a lot in their hands
We will see how it goes. Not bad
8 months ago
I don't see any protection from Matic aside from Kante that has been doing the double man work. Some players are not just Chelsea material anymore. Any pacey te...
9 months ago
Though most people thought as much that SAF would have molded him better, but Mikel has achieved everything in football with Chelsea, that is more reason why he...
10 months ago
Siasia just loves to play him in an advanced role since he excelled there with him in under20. Inasmuch as Mikel was a slower of the game, we still have to cher...
EPL will continue to be deteriorating if care is not taking cos they can't hold on to their best players (Suarez, Bale as a case study) with all the money being...
1 year ago
You mean the Champions League (I know that you're joking)
3 years ago
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