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Svharalambous just Watched a vampire on cocaine sort of way :E
Why is Barcelona playing against a rugby team? :P
Wow....That first Fiorentina goal was way offside....Their entire team was offside!!! How can you possibly argue against that??? He passed back to another playe...
2 years ago
Great match...Love it when these to teams go head to head...pjanic's goal was top notch! too bad they couldn't get the draw in the end...
Somewhere on FootyTube
In order for racisim to decline between footballers, it is necessary for players that have been attacked by racial slurs to make sure it doesn't go unpunished. ...
3 years ago
Hey how come milan are above roma when milan has a -1 gd and roma has 0 ?
Hrm....i have to admit....that hornet sound is really annoying, and rather hard to get used to. Kina puts a dent in the game for me to be quite honest.
4 years ago
This is probably the dirtiest game ive ever watched, both teams should be embarrassed.
Nope, lazio wouldve let them win anyways
Roma director Gian Paolo Montali added: ''I never thought my eyes would see what they have seen this time. I believe Inter and their coach were embarrassed, it ...
This is whats gonna happen, roma will win the league, and the italian cup. Inter will loose to bayern in the champions league leaving that fake italian team int...
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