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@BHAKUNDO ur comment doesn't make sense you fruit
4 years ago
Funny how Vanath talks trash about his own team's player
Cleverly said he was hoping for either someone to head it in or for it to go straight in. He said "I suppose its a good finish." So, he doesn't say 100% it was ...
I think evra want's a signed Newcastle shirt, the way he pulls on the attacker's shirt lol
Goal was good, not sure about the performance. Newcastle had good chances.
Well, one thing is for sure. Ur left back and center defender is a better finisher than welbeck.
WTF are you talking about. You can't tell anything from his eyes. Anyways, it doesn't matter, still a good goal.
That seems like a perfectly good reason to hate a team...because they beat you Could be that our tactics work against teams like Man U but not against the tact...
6 years ago
Thats what i thought too...but the defender seems to miss the ball completely and the ball bobbles on a rough patch of grass..
What the hell... you call that a headbutt? It seemed more like Perch went down because the light reflected off Reina's bald head
True Ba and Cisse were both good strikers in the German league, and for some reason, pple from the Bundesliga seem to be cheap for their quality. I mean Ozil wa...
True... but its not like Chelsea is doing THAT great... i mean sure they are on a good run right now but still.. u guys might miss out on Champs League next sea...
I love how suddenly everyone praises Liverpool for turning it arround under Kenny Daglish after winning the Carling Cup. Three weeks later they are actually say...
And who are you gonna get knocked out by next time? Shakhtar? APOEL?
Thats because LFC just won the Carling Cup.... and to me, its really not a crisis that the are in 7-8th place and winning silverware.... But i think Chelsea d...
Lol... wasn't it already an overhaul when they bought Ramires, Torres, Luiz, Cahill, Mata, Lukaku, Merieles??? They got the "expensive" players, but they just k...
Minimal Contact+falling over=foul but play acting... still foul No contact+falling over= blatant dive I mean if someone slightly stabs you with a knife, its sti...
Thought it was a dive too at first.. but if you look closely at the slow motion replay, Suarez's leg does receive contact because the whole leg sort of jerks ba...
Chelsea sucks for a "big" team. You have to admit it... And Spanish league is not that weak considering Barca is stronger than top teams in England and other l...
Can't blame the league because even teams in other leagues can't compete with Barca and even Real Madrid. Barca beat Man U twice very convincingly, they also be...
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