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Well moldova is in europe... germany and spain are in europe.... england beat a european team by alot therefore england is better than spain and germany simple ...
5 years ago
Not to mention newcastle is plenty formidable they were deservedly pushing for a cl spot last year
Completely agree I just said close to the same thing without seeing this personally i think they'll drop lamps put ramirez in his spot and put marin sturridge o...
Hazard is phenomenal why couldn't arsenal get him signed!!! but glad to see he picked up right where he left off in france no epl learning curve for him already...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Andy carrol is a no talent player trade him while people still remember he was bought for 35 mil and liverpool might get something for him
Germany and Spain are both easily better than both these teams and others like the Netherlands, France and Italy are competitive with them
England to me have too much talent to park the bus at home and hope the other team makes a mistake this time it worked but they made Belgium look like Barcelona...
Kinda funny really there were a couple years where chelsea dominated everyone were by far the most talented and stacked team even to the point where they domina...
Somewhere on FootyTube
This kind of behavior is ruining the game where are fifa's financial fair play laws
Wow what a finish to the season simply amazing
Ramsey belongs on a relegation battle team he is not an arsenal level midfielder he has no clue how to control the midfield and its shown nearly every time he h...
Newcastle has a little thing called a midfield that helps chelseas hasn't been good since lampard hit 30..... and sturridge
Is it weird that Cisse's second goal gave me an erection? No? OK good cuz that might have been the best shot I've ever seen
When i looked at the individuals on each team I really don't see the difference in the level of talent I didn't think there was an underdog so I'm not sure why ...
I've seen alot of bad calls but I'm pretty confident that was the worst John Terry bowls over three people has the ball kicked into him ball doesn't even touch ...
6 years ago
If man city were smart they'd stop trying to buy our players and start trying to buy our manager
It really is comical liverpool preferred charlie adam and jordan henderson to mereiles at the beginning of the season
And because van persie is ALOT less likely to miss a chance than nocerino
What a display seriously though how could anyone every compare chamberlain and walcott, because there both fast? or was the comparion literally only skin deep c...
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