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^ Lampard exagerrated contact, same as Moses. Contact was a little more in Lampard's case, but that momentum thing is utter BS. He felt the contact and went dow...
37 minutes ago
Rose has been better Davies this season(comparatively speaking). As surprising as that statement sounds, it's the truth. :P Unlike Naughton/Walker, there's no...
39 minutes ago
@Duces: His decision-making was questionable in the first half. Apart from the goal, every-time he, infuriatingly, chose the wrong option.
21 hours ago
That's just sad. I am going to tell the guys I play with to stop doing somersaults after scoring(especially on the dodgy grounds we have here). :/
@BluFF: I agree it was a red. I am finding it hilarious when people are explaining how it wasn't a clear goalscoring opportunity. That front 4 does look poten...
2 days ago
Suddenly those players who were brilliant last season are average? Will you be saying the same if they end up selling these hidden gems next year? Southampton m...
Mistakes weren't unlucky tbh. Defensively, we were awful(individual mistakes as you put it). Yea, the score doesn't reflect how the game panned out. Good to hea...
Biggest positive, we might finally have found a stable front-4. I think those 4 can be deadly against anyone. Mason's runs from deep are a great plus too. Our d...
Won't we all? ;)
3 days ago
Match-day! I want to see a gutsy performance. Time to show we belong. B| COYS
I could kill for a draw :D
4 days ago
Naughton could be back for our Europa match next week! He finally caught a break, Kalopsia. ;)
@Malik: It seems you don't know the first thing about friendlies. They don't play it to attack and score truckloads, it's more for fitness. Half-fit teams facin...
1 week ago
Team L :) Lloris Leichsteiner-Luiz-Lovren-Luis Lucas-Lahm(C) Lamela Lampard Lallana Lewandowski M: Lambert
@Andy: We would need to launch quick counters, Dembele is unlikely to help in that matter.
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@Malik: So many friendly matches you have included there. Friendly form isn't an indicator of how good the team is/can be. BTW Norwich & Wolves are in the champ...
. We are likely to sit back, absorb pressure and try and hit them on the break. I expect to see the same starting line-up(barring any injuries) as the one that ...
@4ever: Comparing a friendly? LOL! Even if it was a competitive match, 1 match doesn't prove anything. Wellington, an A league team beat WEST Ham. West Ham be...
Not too many before/after Saints match too, Frank. Hence asking. I can't make it to tiny chat for weekend matches, so don't know how many turn up. :)
2 weeks ago
Chelsea has been in dominant form while City looks like a team still waiting for all its parts to function properly. Yet, there's only a 5pt gap and City is the...
8 months ago
10 months ago
11 months ago
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