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Is he? I have heard reports ranging from the new beckenbauer and he is a bit s**t(phrase of the week :P ) from a guy who is a Sporting supporter(I think)
2 hours ago
@MAg: I dont know about the rest but my calm down was for you to stop reading papers. You seemed half pissed that you fell for it. Nothing to do with Paddy's li...
2 days ago
@Paddy: Agreed. Too many sources to ignore its legitimacy. I think Saints chairman even acknowledged that the officials from 2 clubs met in Toronto. Boy! Oh b...
Calm down mag. If it happens, it happens. ;)
With that money, they can probably convince clubs to sell, but convincing players to join a club that has sold pretty much their entire first 11 will take some ...
@Robbery: How many quality 'continental' players would be dying to join a club of Southampton's standing?
By 2 years in a row, you didn't get what I meant I suppose. He wasn't coming off the back of a traditional may to august rest. The Brazilian calendar has no bre...
AVB played townsend on the right before Arry. Peace. :P
You weren't impressed in Confed cup in 2013? I wonder how he managed to win the 3rd best player of the tournament award then. :P I was genuinely impressed and...
3 days ago
Best one for me: How is it that you walk on water, but dive on grass? xD
Haha! Let me know Paddy when you find some. Was just going through his stats. He looks like the direct Sandro replacement. A fitter player though, which could ...
Chadli is better? Question being is Chadli's best anywhere near good enough? Chadli is much of a winger as Eriksen is. He CAN play there but would rather not. ...
Jesus MAg! We haven't even got the personnel yet. :P
I disagree on Paulinho's fitness. He is fitter than Sandro and Dembele combined. He had played constantly with no breaks for 2 years at a stretch. There were bo...
I don't expect Townsend to be the next Bale ! lol. Chadli's preference is to play as a CAM and his agent was whining publicly in january about the same. As a ...
I don't think they had any CB's to offer, so we settled for these 2. :P I am not sure what Chadli gives us. I honestly think Townsend will give the team more ...
I think most of them will do well. Inevitably, 1 or 2 won't(law of averages). Koeman will be playing football manager for the next 1 month with a 100 million ...
PA reports claim we are close to signing Schneiderlin and Rodriguez. They are usually spot on(as far as I have seen). Must mean one of our centre mids has a goo...
SS has choice words for everyone who isn't at Spurs. :P I wouldn't mind remy tbh. We could do with a striker who can play off the wings or as a second striker....
Another great deal if he accepts. Hopefully, a better season for him. Still our best centre back by a mile for me.
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