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MAg, 1 year gamble on Ade. MAx 2 yrs for Berba I guess. Worthy gamble. I'm more worried that Berba link might mean Ade's wages makes the deal go south. :|
6 hours ago
Which night? Oh, I'm assuming you meant he did something good for us.
Pretty balanced article, Paddy. There can never be a middle-ground with him though. He is either the most talented or most frustrating player to watch, dependin...
@Rockerr: Truth be told that is just s**t talk. Like Micky pointed out the context, I may add that we lost the best player we have had in the PL era. Similar to...
Luso, we are asking 11m pounds for Soldado, apparently. We Sold Capoue, Stambouli & Paulinho for well over the price that you(I mean the newspaper :P) is quot...
West Brom tweeted they have received no bids. I think Villa still want Ade. They were too Benteke dependent & 4-4-Tim needs atleast 2 good(theoretically) stri...
He just signed a new contract last week. Makes no sense to bid for him. :/
I personally enjoy reading it, but it would be better to see what others think, since we are a small-ish group(less posts per day), good chance it might look a ...
2 days ago
----------Lloris Trippier-Toby-Vert-Davies Walker-Dier-Bentaleb-Rose ---------Eriksen ----------Kane Looking at our pre-season squad, I fancy t...
Yes, been hearing Townsend been injured. Pretty sure, Mason is in our plans, so must be an injury. Vlad, Lennon, Ade & Soldado look set to leave.
No Vlad, Mason, Townsend, Lennon, Ade or Soldado in the squad the face MLS Allstars.. ‪#‎MLSAllStar‬ game squad: Lloris, Vorm, McGee, Glover; Walker, Trip...
Not even in the same zip code though. :P
3 days ago
I think they will want around 25. At 20m would still be a very good buy. He has 2 years left on his contract. The price will depend on how much Berahino truly w...
Bwf, not for the media quoted 15m pounds though. I don't think West Brom believe in hand-outs. :P
Read it a couple of days back. Thoroughly enjoyable read.
Double-checked on Kramer. Absolutely ZERO chance of us signing him. He just came back from a 2 year loan. Signed a contract in december. Leverkusen youth produc...
You're all over it like a rash. :D I can't see us sign all 3. Kramer & Bender seem to be an either/or option, in any case. Haven't seen them play regularly(W...
4 days ago
Ampz, being most successful in PL era is right. They won at the right time. Look at Villa, Sunderland(teams with so many titles in the past). They don't have th...
I hope you're right(as unlikely as it seems),Paddy. Looks like we won't be signing anyone good.
5 days ago
Fair enough, Andy. :) I did watch the video. Good compilation.
6 days ago
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