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Best Finisher? probably. Best Striker? Don't think so. More to Kane's game than Defoe's. He should be playing as long as he isn't forced to take corners!
17 hours ago
Apart from Kane, don't see anyone who is better than Defoe right now.
18 hours ago
Forster has made quite a few mistakes as well. Personally, Pickford should be taking over very soon. If Ben Foster(not sure if he still is retired) is available...
Kante- Ball winning midfielder (in FM terminology) playing in centre-mid(generic position), not defensive mid(another generic position).
2 days ago
Yes, it is right on top(more or less) and the present stadium will be demolished to allow completion of construction. Absolutely no idea what it will be called ...
3 days ago
Wonder how good the midfielders of golden generation of England were at Dele Alli's age...
4 days ago
After the dour stuff that LVG played last season, I think United fans think it's a lot better than it really is under Jose. Relatively, it's a huge improvement....
1 week ago
Never mind, there's a hold up regarding Wembley atm. Earlier, I had read it was because of our construction but it turns out it is because of restriction of max...
No, North, we are moving to Wembley that's confirmed. The only issue is whether it would be this summer or next, as the club only wants to spend 1 season away f...
Haven't yet confirmed the Wembley switch(march end deadline).
Dont know which game you watched but KDB was rubbish tonight. Worst player on the pitch.
Homegrown quota. Ideally, you would want them to be the core of your squad, rather than on the fringes. Also, gives you flexibility when it comes to signing For...
2 weeks ago
Which links, North?
3 weeks ago
@Liquidator: If you watched the game then I wonder how you came up with lose so badly. We clearly were very good(as we should be) today despite being a man down...
1 month ago
I wonder if you even saw the match?
Bazinga, we actually played very well(if you saw the game). 2-2 was such an undeserved scoreline based on the balance of play. Even after being down to 10, we l...
Joined, lost. Having a bit of trouble adding you atm. BTW one of their 2 official recommendations for me is Chelsea FC. Disgraceful stufff.
TOTTENHAM TEAM NEWS Team to play Gent: Lloris, Walker, Dier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Davies, Wanyama, Dembele, Eriksen, Alli, Kane. Subs: Vorm, Wimmer, Trip...
Ridiculously slow net right now. Will give it a go if I ever manage to install this app!
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