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I doubt we will get to 74 but it's not half as bad(results wise) as the performances suggest.
4 days ago
Dont want him anywhere near North London.
5 days ago
You can't objectively pit Martinez(Manager A) v Sam(Manager B). Look at their respective resources! West Ham spent 18 million pounds on Andy Carroll! Wigan cou...
1 week ago
Hugo, easily. Walker??? :O I cringe everytime I see that Walker header to Ba. :| Eriksen is the signing of the season and best outfielder of the season IMO.
Can't wait for season to end, but I'll miss Spurs matches then. 6 matches! Let's just savour each of those, until next season. COYS :)
2 weeks ago
Tomorrow I guess. Sunday matches have press conf. on Friday I think
Lampard scorred 22 in the league! NOT 27 :/
Long time everyone! Been away for 3 weeks. Travelling and s**t. Missed the Chelsea match(fortunately), somehow managed to pick the NLD(no ways was I going to mi...
3 weeks ago
Being involved in prem for 20 years is same as top-flight management? Then, who needs managers. Giggs should take over at Man Utd. Terry should take over at Che...
1 month ago
Sterling has been rewarded for his recent form. I think Walcott's injury has opened that spot up. As far as Henderson goes, I think he deserved the call up more...
@WHR: He is 3.5 months more experienced than any one of us in top-flight management. :P Besides, it was a joke.
Lloris Naughton Dawson Vertonghen ANYONE Lennon Dembele Sandro Eriksen Adebayor Soldado
TIGER TIM will prevail over the 'Special' one. He is Mourinho's kryptonite. How will JM play mind games with someone who has no brains? :P
He sure is! He is one Southampton player(If I had to pick one) that can play in any team in the entire league and run the show.
@CheshireCat: Do you hate Ross McCormack, by any chance? :P
Team I support: Tottenham Hotspur Best player: Hugo Lloris Worst player: Nabil Bentaleb Best young player: Tom Carroll Best signing: Cristian Eriksen Wors...
@STID: Man! It's 'Suraj'. When will it ever catch on :( I don't believe we will beat Chelsea. I think we will lose to a dodgy decision/deflection if we play we...
@SpursOz: He got injured in the Norwich match.
Rival Team: Arsenal a. Santi b. Ramsey c. Podolski d. Walcott e. Arteta (yes, over all those british players :P) f. Sanogo (a Tad harsh! ) g. Gibbs(He's hilario...
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Surajloks12345 is awaiting the final twist in the tale.
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