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Good point. Good performance. Not the kind of football we will be playing every week. Players certainly had the stomach for it. Onwards and upwards. COYS
3 days ago
If it comes down to minutes per goal, I expect Kane to outscore both.
Since both Merseyside & North London derbies fall on the same day, Which is the bigger Derby in the opinion of neutrals here, and why(acc. to you) ?
4 days ago
Spot on, Rogue.
Can make a case for Kane. He has been knocking on the door for a while now. Mason has had bad luck with injuries. A few cup matches, here and there before we pr...
We should sell them? Talk about an over-reaction. We might as well stop buying players and play the kids from our 'elite' academy then. Let the fans whine about...
I think it's a win-win for all tbh. He is on lesser wages for 4 yrs, instead of higher wages for 5. We were going to sell him eventually(if we aren't in CL), so...
@Rogue: Blew my mind how another spurs fan(not here) was blaming Levy for not buying Costa or Sanchez last season :D
Based on today's and weekend's performance. This above would be my team too. If I see Vlad again, I am gonna do an Amputsz.
5 days ago
Still cracking up over Townsend getting the MOTM tonight. xD
@Topspur: It seems you have already made your mind up how things will go over the course of an entire season. If at the end of the season(or even this calendar ...
6 days ago
Http:// Oh Dear! Harry Kane wants to get 3 points aga...
1 week ago
Apart from Lloris, I can't see anyone getting a big move if we are going to get humiliated. Who the f**k would want players who can't even put half-decent perfo...
What's ironic in that tweet? He is having a laugh at United for their 5-3 loss and not for the past, is he? :P
Jelavic's scissor kick?
Isnotfish: Never mind the match, just read or watch Poch's post match interview. Enough to get your blood boiling(not at Poch, but at the players).
Is there ANYONE out there who isn't shaking his/her head in disbelief after today's matches? Craziest Super-Sunday EVER!
I don't like to linger on how bad players are but my god! Vlad seems to have gotten worse than I thought he could ever be. He was on a different level tonight. ...
Same team as last Saturday. Is it the same as Rogue posted below then? Never mind, it isn't :/ #THFC team: Lloris, Dier, Kaboul (c), Chiriches, Rose; Capoue, D...
7 months ago
10 months ago
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