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1 year ago
@Khaimet Tell me for once what the hell is the problem with you? Why do you have to exacerbate things each time? Why do you have to bring back painful memori...
Even I do not expect a top professional to claim such thing (no matter how truly he might feel betrayed as in case of Kuyt). But the fact is Kuyt was Kenny's be...
Http:// Remember it is the Sun but if i...
Those fans are all moronic to say that (not that means that they are all time). Also I do not agree with you. I think the club is in bad position right now and...
@Weezer: "You" need to remember the reason why you support "us". What is that supposed to mean? Let me be clear I support "LFC" that does not mean I don't hav...
@Weezer: Quote: "They just haven't performed. Downing is and never will be a s**t player. He just hasn't f*****g performed." I don't think I need to write anyt...
With the likes of Atletico, Inter, Roma, Napoli, Newcastle, Leverkuson, Stuttgart, Chelsea/Spurs, Lyon and possibly more bigger teams from the Champions league ...
There are clubs who've spent little and rather groom youth players and end up having class squad (Barca, Dortmund, Ajax of old, Bilbao) There are clubs who've ...
I'd rather not comment on Manchester United's achievements this season and concentrate on ourselves as I believe we are in some real deep s**t and hope Kenny ca...
Its a slap on the face
Yes it hurts to finish below Everton but I think finishing 7th or 8th is of little importance. The media is just exaggerating this thing. It should be noted tha...
United winning!! city drawing!!
Tottenham winning! Everton winning! Arsenal losing!
Arsenal losing!!
Check tomedis wall
Check wall tomedis
Freekick in liverpool penalty box
Sir Alex there to watch the game..surely its about Kagawa..they are saying 15 m would be the cost. 15m ??? f**k me !! I hope we do not waste another 15-20 m on...
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