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This guy broke frank jeffers ankle and last season he tackle adebayor of the field. This is not innocent. The media needs to stop the xenophobia.
8 years ago
Thats ok!!! Liverpool is not winning the league this year or never again should i remind you the last time you won the league.
9 years ago
I do understand as fans your suppose to be bias, but bannie you don't even know the about football. So suggest you stop talking. what you said make no sense. so...
I was hoping to get revenge for the getting robbed last year in the champions league but our defense let us done. bye bye silvestre. Its clear your done as a pl...
And Mr Bannie if anythings its revenge for the referees giving you those penalties in the champions league last year. How lucky was that?
- Double post, removed by Admin
It clear that Bannie is blind. Bentner was onside. When they showed the replay is was clear that Bentner was in line with the last defender. Also Liverpool was ...
Your a ManU fan You should be use to getting all the calls go your way.
Finally Fabianski gets his shot. Its good Arsenal have that game against wigan on sat. This give the deference a game of experience.
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