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Bale musta porked charlie adam's sister or something, cuz it seems everytime they play adam is throwing some out-of-line nastiness at him.
Sumdumfu just Watched
AZ Vs. Ajax
Sumdumfu just Watched
Ajax Vs. AZ
Yeah i did. dropped berbatov, ivanovic and hernanes, bought fabregas and jordi alba.
Sigh... guess who has two players that got red carded today, one of which was a star player?!?? AND had a forward who broke a rib and will be out for awhile? ...
I think it's a risk, esp. with the addition of Modric and the returning of Kaka, Ozil will see fewer minutes than ever. i think it's likely he won't match the o...
Thus, the Matt has spoken, and it is done.
Here's a problem i'm sure a lot would love to have; I have no idea who to trade! the only difference between me and the top guy is that he has huszti and a mala...
As for rules changes, defenders have never gotten assist points.
Wait i thought there was a rule against hesitating in the runup to a penalty kick wasn't there? if so, balotelli looked to be in clear violation to me.
And this, my friends, is why I buy subs =)
Still early enough that you don't need to take risks to move up the board I feel. things still need to normalize. ronaldo still hasn't gotten going, ozil is now...
Free tip: jenkinson of arsenal is only 5M and has started every game so far.
You're still just making up numbers. there's no way to score 10 pts in DF and there's no way to score 4 pts. by my count he should have 22 (3+3+5)x2. not entire...
So... who has the more peculiar forehead, lescott or gervinho?
Sublime game from everton. i just hope they can stay healthy and get a crack at the champions league. david moyes deserves it for his consistently fantastic coa...
Nor is being completely incorrect. fellaini was onside by a fairly comfortable margin, but i suppose you have to not be a newcastle fan to see that. blaming ani...
Well done describing your issue. usually it's just some idiot screaming at his monitor and barely typing anything worthwhile at all. hope you get it resolved qu...
Top 200 and climbing right now. cant complain given i had brkic, dempsey, hazard, hoogland of stuttgart, falcao, and berbatov who all didn't play (or play much)...
Other than berba i had an underwhelming day as well. barca coughs up the clean sheet AND pique gets a yellow, as does di maria thus erasing his pts for the day,...
Oh yeah. berbatov. *pats back*
You're gonna quit because you didn't read the rules? who's fault is that? certainly not matt's. all of us knew this was gonna happen. if you didn't you have no ...
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