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@Katsumeiyo I thought of that once haha... The best strikers in the EPL together.. but at the same time, these two play so differently.
6 years ago
This Kishko kid is retarded, I am not a liverpool fan, and I honestly don't like Suarez for the racism incidents that went through with Evra, but if you can't a...
Hahaha I always thought that a Def going for a pen is a bad idea.
Because all your top players are suspended for the finals and the other half that are not suspended are 1 card away from getting it.
I love how the topic is about Ribery and someone randomly jumps in about Ronaldo diving or some other player... Anyone can start naming divers from your own tea...
If Scholes scored that second volley, I believe it would be the goal of the century.
I am sorry. I love manu and that was clearly a shameful dive.. its been two games in a row... On the side note, those are some crazy volleys from Scholes.
Torres almost pulled off a Benzema volley.
I agree with with your line up there buddy. Glad to see Torres is getting back in shape! @Cali86: David Luis should be playing midfield.. He makes way too many...
You can tell this guys talking nonsense when he is comparing Ozil to Pepe.
Every team has its trolls.
Well you have to be the biggest f*****g troll. Please go get the real stats or at least go see watch some of his free kicks from 40 yards out.
Otownballer are you blind? Tareq has a point, it's like the video has been edited to show off completely Bilbao's side.. I've seen the match... Where is Manu's ...
Wait a minute.. the first 2 goals were offside? Am I seeing something wrong here or the linesman didn't see anything?
I rated Barca as 'Awesome'... and perhaps you should consider buying a dictionary. I mean.. Mybe you shud buy dictionnary, diffikult to understand yu.
Do you even know what a classico is? If not you might want to read up on that. THEY are the two most successful clubs. And please don't even add arsenal to tha...
What Pepe did is disgraceful, and really I do dislike him for what he did. Now I would really like to know why some of the Barca fans are covering up for Busque...
Well the last 2 games Torres played it seems he's regaining force. I have no doubt he is going to catch up the same form as with liverpool. He's a good lad.
It's just jokes.. his comment is hilarious ... and Adas got a good point there. No need for insults buddy.
I get so happy when Torres scores, I remember his first goal for Chelsea when his whole team jumped on him to celebrate. I am glad Torres is back.
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