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I don't think Moyes knows or even trying to learn his players. It's like he's picking players out of a draw. He's putting them where he wants them, not where th...
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So that's why he's so awful. Once he wrist fully heals, he's totally be a better player and contribute to the team.
Rooney was absolutely fantastic, easily the man of the match, great vision and accuracy, truly one of the best. Valencia and Nani on the wing will stretch the d...
Hmm.. I guess you're right.. Hernandez's movement can be confusing to the defender and he's always poaching to get behind the defenders. But still RVP had some ...
5 years ago
Chich, Nani, and Young are great players, no doubt. But they were definitely not up to face the physical game that it was expected to be. Young is simply too w...
What an amazing match! Both teams had many chances to score, both goalkeepers made some amazing saves. Real definitely looked more lethal throughout the first h...
Great game for Chelsea. TERRIBLE performance on Villa. It's like watching a high school team play against a MLS team ;) #GGMU
I don't know how weak of a football you play, but when a ball is hit with that much force from that close of a distance, on the HEAD, the impact could 'kill' yo...
I MISSED IT!!!!! T-T.. I was up all night studying and went to take a nap at 630 for an hour! DAMN YOU FINALS WEEK!! Glory Glory Manchester UNITED!
Did anyone else catch that the first Scotland's goal should have been an offside?
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