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How long before AVB gets fired? feel sorry 4 the guy didn't deserve it..but the chelsea defense f**d him 2 bad...chelsea defense is simply f*kn disorganized..i ...
6 years ago
Hmmm europa league gettin' interesting some good teams-valencia, udinese, atletico madrid, schalke, city.. but i'd like 2 c manU vs city final..would b...
Who da hell r u 2 say it won't happen? unless u come up with some sort of scientific explanation until then we all can hope..for now u just hope that madrid won...
Happy belated b'day alex ferguson and not so happy new year:)
How da hell is there only 1 goal scored?? city should have scored at least 3 n a couple or so by arsenal..both aguero n persie had a bad day in the office..
Shelvey need to learn 2 shoot otherwise is a gr8 prospect playing behind suarez in the hole can make a big difference... Nzogbia was the only cracker for Villa ...
Lol torres looked like a bull ready to charge..sturride's gay dance is f*kn crap..hmm whuz dalgish n commoli doin there?? Are we to sign Rodalegga this Jan?...
Why’s everyone voting rubbish 4 city? City’s game is not half bad..actually could have been even had clichy not been sent off…haha Balotelli’s non-celeb...
Why the f*k the goal line technology is still not used?? every game uses some kinda technology n soccer still is same as in the 60's..f*kn blatter n platini sho...
My oh's like a dejavu..i actually envisioned crystal palace beat ManU.. now liverpool vs city semifinal would be fantastic...i see 1-1 at City n return ... the hell did nesta got booked? Aquilani got lucky out there.. 'nways i think xavi dived softly..didn't expect such high scoring game..i was expe...
Wht a gr8 performance by swansea...brabo..almost f*kn buried united..oh boy how could sinclair miss that golden opportunity is beyond any understanding..neverth...
Looks like cska moskva will make it to next round along with Inter...initially i thought Lille would progress but looks tough now though there is still slight c...
Cheering for Benfica vs Manu next game..will be interesting and tight game esp. when Manu defense looks horrible atm..good luck Benfica..
Wht a lovely run by Huggel(basel)...btw i hate 2 c the empty front seats esp. in champions league games..u rarely see that in Premier league..
Cocky ronaldo scores with the Lyon defense wall??
Munich played good football..gomez is like a goal machine always at the right time to nick a goal..Napoli defence was horrible in 1st half but good 2 c them com...
If ManU plays like this Benfica will thrash them :)
Aguero is super class! i kinda predicted city would be a dominating force once they got Aguero! silva n aguero gel so well! haven't seen much lately in the UEFA...
"and ozil looks embarrassed to claim that one.." that a commentary/??
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