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Bellamy has been great for liverpool this season, especially recently. great game by liverpool here. hopefully carroll can continue this form instead of it just...
6 years ago
It was a tough game to watch but in the end I'll take it. A win's a win. Both teams created chances, and the number of real goal chances was about even I would ...
7 years ago
Slowly but surely dzeko is fitting in more and more. Overall great game by city, more attempts should have probably gone in, but that is football. I can't wait ...
We have all seen most teams have lapses in their games, and City and Tottenham are the two that are blowing it most often I must say. Most people know the calib...
Without the dives, it seemed like a very even game and one of the nicer 0-0 games this season. Nani and hernandez both dove, but I don't think hernandaz's dive ...
Casillas is truly one of the best keepers
Hahaha and you love to comment on all my posts and bash huh?? get a damn life you idiot... It's funny how I am just responding to the posts that I have somethi...
I don't know what your definition of douchebag is but I don't think it has to do with underachievement. And then again, we can still win this trophy while you c...
If only you didn't lose your semi final match... maybe you should have spent "a zillion quid" and maybe you'd be meeting us there
People are so quick to judge...
Its refreshing to see a realistic and true ManU fan once in a while.
Let him judge and regret it. one who doesn't see ManU as a tough opponent is just foolish and that is why us City fans are so glad to have beaten them. Good luc...
Thats all it takes...
Though it may be true that you would beat us majority of the time only true douchebags would announce it
Good one?
A true manu fan wouldn't kick two critical players from this season out because of one bad game for berba and one bad moment for Carrick. it is sad to see. That...
Did you have a good time watching the highlights and not the full game?
Well clearly he is a little bitter, seeing as he can barely control himself because balotelli celebrated and gave him a nice little wink
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