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Ant wrote in On Stuboys wall
You've been a member long enough to know the rules, but have a read anyway as you obviously ignore them.
6 years ago
wind your neck in dannyboy liverpool beat a piss poor bolton at home fact and yes I did post filth and no doubt I'll do it again at some point
So it was zxero so it was, georgio you tart stop trying to chat me up
Not bashing eh? why mention torres then? being a dipper you'd be happy torres is struggling at chelsea would you not ?
Footy4torres I'm really not interested in arguing with yanks about football.
"our forum" "liverpool chat" As far as I'm aware this thread comes under the heading liverpool bolton match highlights As for bolton not showing up it was in co...
WHAT! ramires was never going to to anything with that ball, his last touch was too hard and he knocked it beyond his own reach.
I bet you think I care what you think, would you like some slippers too?
Bolton didn't turn up.
Cool I'll take 3 handbags for Naota1212, yosef and hagenchelsea please. ooh and some puma womens slippers for footy4torres
Another one! jealous!? it just keeps getting better..
Can't wait mate!
Class? you are an idiot
And your point is what?
Bash? shut up
All I can say is it certainly isn't going to be Barcelona v liverpool!!!
1958 very funny you sad c**t YKUOF
So now SAF makes mistakes ?
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