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They play really well normally, but not yesterday....
7 years ago
Those saying that bolton were great and awesome, and that Blackburn were rubbish, couldn't have seen the game
The Samba goal shouldn't have stood I'll give you that, but there is no argument in the world good enough for not sending Szwarzer off after 7 mins!
Why thank you :p
Everton must be feeling horrible after losing to a team that lost against PNE and then Huddersfield!
There are matches left to be played yes, but with rafa's usual crap tactics will fail... the only hope for you guys is that Gerrard, Torres and Reina stay fit.....
8 years ago
Ok I can see why that is funny :p but the reason Rovers aren't a top 4 team is lack of quality.. the reason why liverpool aren't in the top 4 is lack of tactic...
Liverpool were lucky! Rovers were by far the better team, creating a lot more chances. Yes we played tough, but are just supposed to invite you on us say, your'...
But may I say, what a fantastic goal and truly deserved!
I'm happy with the result. As long as we win, I'm pleased. As someone said the other day, it's a marathon, not a sprint...
Hahaha with four own goals in two games, I guess you have to say that :p
The people who wote the blackburn performance as rubbish or lucky didn't see the game! We outplayed them, but just didn't manage to score... if we play like we ...
I don't think the result is "injust" as we had our fair share of chances as well, although not as huge as N'dive, but Benni, kalinic and di santo had great opor...
It's not really a secret that what it takes to fire Rafa is about 20m... money you guys can't afford... hope he will stay at least 2 more seasons and you lot wi...
Frank Lampard is miles ahead of scuba steve! he's a far more fair and honest player then that sorry excuse of a diver of yours will ever be!
The only reason he didn't appeal is because he knew how daft it looked!
Oh yeah, it was a spasm that just took his legs up made him go to the ground like bag of sand at that very moment... BULLS**T!
How on earth can it be that scuba-steve never gets a yellow for diving? If the FA don't do something about his constant diving, then are as big a joke liverpool...
Great victory! now we're just 4 points behind liverpool, with a game in hand! I'm very confident that we'll be challenging for europe this season! And as DEFEND...
It just doesn't work!!!!
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